3 Cool Ways Having Your Car Detailed Helps It Last Longer

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(Newswire.net — December 30, 2023) — For most people, their automobile is their second biggest investment after their home. Nowadays, vehicles are plagued by planned obsolescence and require a higher level of preventative maintenance to retain value.

The materials are also being reduced to plastics, softer rubbers, and other temporary materials that tend to degrade faster than the durable materials of yesteryear. Let’s consider the top reasons why detailing your vehicle can help you enjoy lengthy years of carefree ownership.

1: Waxing Your Vehicle Protects the Paint

Applying a Carnauba hard wax to your vehicle is a tried and true way to preserve its value. The Carnauba palm wax has a higher melting point than other vegetable waxes and is ideal for obtaining that candy-coated finish.

Sulfur from pollution creates acidic rain that will soften your paint over time. Unless you protect it with a good hard wax, the paint will start to peel, bubble, or crack, inevitably leading to corrosion. If you live near the ocean, the salt in the air can also increase paint damage if it’s not waxed properly. You will notice how the water beads on your car after the hard wax is applied, protecting the paint from absorption.

While there are paint protection films and synthetic polymers on the market that boast superiority to hard wax, a lot of these products can destroy the paint instead of protecting it.

Paint protection film won’t damage your paint if it is installed and removed properly, but that is the variable. Nevertheless, paint protection film can dull over time or look yellowish and never compare to a hard wax shine.

2: Cleaning Your Rugs and Upholstery Provides Protection

When you have your vehicle professionally detailed, they will remove all the grime that gets ground into the carpet and upholstery. Like abrasive sandpaper, it is easy to imagine how leaving dirt in your vehicle will wear down the fibers over time.

In addition, some stains may be difficult to remove if they are set in for too long. The fabrics will also absorb odors and molds that can sink deep into the carpet or cushion and stink. Cleaning them to prevent the subtle erosion of value is a necessity.

3: Detailing Prevents Damage Before it Begins

When detailing a vehicle, a professional will inspect every inch of it to ensure that no scratches or rust spots are forming. It is difficult to stop corrosion from spreading once it starts. Automobile body shops never ensure rust repairs because rust will always exist at a molecular level.

In many cases, small scratches can be buffed out or corrected with touch-up paint. The detailer may also inspect the quality of your tire tread and the rims, and find other imperfections in your vehicle that require attention before a catastrophic failure occurs.

Considering that a lot of damage to a vehicle occurs progressively over weeks, months, and years, it is often difficult for untrained drivers to spot issues that may lead to devaluation or expensive repairs. Detailing your automobile regularly will help you maintain it in pristine condition for the life of ownership.