Why We Love Sports Like Cricket: Unexpected Facts

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(Newswire.net — January 24, 2024) — Cricket is one of the most popular sports globally, where millions not only watch but also place bets on matches daily. But why do we enjoy watching sports matches so much? What is it about the games that make them so attractive? Today we’re going to explore this issue in depth and clarify how cricket evolved from the game of shepherds to a world cultural phenomenon. Let’s get started!

A bit of history

Cricket was created in 17th century England. It is named after an ancient word that means ‘stick’ and rightly so. First played by shepherds with their wicker sticks to lock the gates and keep animals inside.

It was not like the cricket we play nowadays though this thrilling game started to grip people of “misty Albion” and started getting played across continental Europe. All you ever wanted to play cricket was sticks and stones, there was enough of that goodness around the world so during colonial times cricket spread even further afield than Australia; out towards India where IPL betting cricket contributes huge amounts of cash into the economy of this beautiful country. Cricket has widely become popular all over the world with the evolution of technology but it is currently most enjoyed in countries like the UK, India, Pakistan, and Australia.

Why are we watching sports?

Psychologists believe that our tendency towards sports has a lot to do with the need for socializing. People like to belong and being a part of a group is comforting. When their favorite team plays they are in great company through the match boards on televisions at home or outdoors, relishing every moment that belongs exclusively to them – this makes everything seem right with the world again. Along with other fans, people celebrate and grieve in stadiums, communicate – and start talking about the latest news on social media.

There are many emotional benefits that fans of sports receive when watching and supporting their team. Many fans feel pride and joy just by being a part of the bigger group that shares its fondness for sports. It can also be a getaway from everyday life so they can concentrate on what pleases them the most, and forget about worries and troubles.

What makes cricket interesting

Unlike other sports, cricket is unique in as far of strategy, skill, and tradition. First of all, it is a game where the psychological and tactical war between the thrower and batter takes prime place making each moment an exciting mind fight. This is the essence of cricket- a blend between team effort and individual performance where success relies on not just what an individual does as much as it also on how effectively all members will work towards a common goal. This sport is peculiar because matches can last for days, and so players need not only physical strength but also unbelievable mental focus. 

Moreover, cricket has a lot of traditions and rituals that have their basis in its history: this makes the game special to taste. Cricket betting is also interesting. Due to the different formats of this game, bookmakers have opened a cricket betting line for each match so gambling becomes more enjoyable to watch. All this makes cricket not only a sporting game but an interesting show with loads of inconsistency and drama.

Fun facts

  • The 14-day match was the longest cricket event ever recorded.
  • 10 serves made the shortest match. This happened because the field was so poor that it made holding of runs difficult for the bowlers.
  • One of the aspects that distinguishes cricket from other sports is the so-called ‘traditional tea break’ – taken during their matches and associated with British roots.
  • Cricket was played in the International Space Station.
  • Since cricket was invented the rules have been changing very often. The size of the playing field remained constant.


Finally, cricket is not simply a game but an authentic cultural phenomenon. Its diversity, tradition, and of course legendary athletes make fans very passionate and devoted. This is a game of stunning exhilaration and joy, in which every throw, shot, or other moment spent on the field can bring fantastic enthusiasm. I hope that you like it as well.