5 Advantages of Placing New Insulation in Your Home’s Attic

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(Newswire.net — January 29, 2024) — Your attic is an extra space in your house that can serve many purposes. But it also protects your home from external elements, including humidity, heat, and cold. The attic also keeps your home energy-efficient and comfortable year-round. However, your attic can only be effective with proper insulation. Research has shown that most single-family homes lack adequate insulation.

So why is new attic insulation important? What are the benefits? Why should you consider new insulation in your home’s attic? Here are the top five advantages of new attic insulation.

1. Lower Energy Bills

On average, about 52% of the total energy consumption in your home goes to your HVAC system. Without proper attic insulation, energy costs can rise because of excess energy loss.

You can save up to 15% on energy costs by insulating and air-sealing the attic, crawl spaces, and floors. The insulation will minimize the airflow and prevent heat from getting into and out of your home during the summer and winter.

2. Higher Home Value

Installing new attic insulation using material with a higher R-value is an effective way to increase your home’s value. When professionally installed, insulation protects your home from water damage by keeping moisture away from your structure and walls.

3. Better Air Quality

Indoor air quality controls comfort and determines efficiency levels. Inadequate or lack of attic insulation often affects the air quality by allowing outdoor pollutants and allergens into your home. If you notice signs of respiratory issues, fatigue, and headaches, it is time to schedule a professional inspection.

Experts have the right tools and equipment to determine the air quality and install new attic insulation if necessary. If you have insulation already, replacing it will help eradicate pollutants that penetrate the insulating materials, enhancing air quality.

4. Improved Comfort

Naturally, heat moves from warmer to colder areas. Under-insulation leaves your home vulnerable to external temperature fluctuations, even with the best heating and cooling systems. 

You may also notice that upper rooms have varying temperatures than lower ones due to heat displacement. If temperatures fall between 10 and 15 degrees, your home is probably under-insulated. Placing new attic insulation will help maintain ideal temperatures throughout your home, especially when temperatures are low.

5. Eliminating Pests

Most homeowners struggle with pest infestations in their attics. Besides the noise and droppings, some pests, like mice, can cause severe damage to your home’s structure, making it a safety hazard.

You can mitigate pests by installing new insulation. Professionals use pest-resistant materials and air sealing to protect your home from infestation. When you notice signs of pests in your attic and have insulation already, consider replacing them to prevent further damage to your attic and home.

Does New Attic Insulation Make a Difference?

There are many benefits to proper insulation. A well-insulated attic will reduce energy costs and protect your family from pollutants while maintaining a clean, comfortable environment. If your insulation is old or you suspect inadequate insulation in your attic, get in touch with professionals to find out your options.