Stay Safe: Essential Modern Personal Safety Accessories

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By Alexander Hamilton

A 2023 survey revealed that 40 percent of people in the United States are afraid to walk alone at night near their homes, the highest recorded figure in three decades.


The fear of walking alone is higher among women (53 percent) than men (26 percent).


Americans’ worry about being victimized by specific crimes also remains near record highs. Additionally, fear of crime deters most people from doing certain routine activities.


The most frequent crime concern was identity theft. Others were car theft, hate crime, murder, and sexual assault.


Unfortunately, some of these crimes are becoming more sophisticated due to the advent of advanced technologies. However, modern safety accessories can help you avoid becoming a victim.


Here are the personal safety accessories worth investing in:

Smartphone Stun Guns

Stun guns produce a small electric shock to temporarily immobilize an animal or human without permanently harming them. These devices require you to be in close contact with the perpetrator.


While standard stun guns are available, a smartphone-designed one can be used as a discreet self-defense device.


Smartphone stun guns resemble modern smartphones. They have built-in electrodes that can temporarily incapacitate attackers. Some models also have safety features to prevent accidental discharge, while others include alarms and flashlights.


However, smartphone stun guns are non-working smartphones. They only work as stun guns.


Multi-tools are compact devices with blades and extensions for various tools, such as knives, scissors, screwdrivers, pliers, openers, and saw blades. The extensions can be folded into the handle.


For self-defense, multi-tools feature tools like glass breakers, tactical pens, and pepper spray compartments. They can also be attached to keychains and easily fit into bags and pockets, ensuring they are readily accessible when needed.


Moreover, many multi-tools are discreet. The concealability lets you carry them without drawing attention or raising suspicion.

Smartphone Apps and Built-in Safety Features

Smartphones have built-in safety features that operate without downloading or buying anything extra: emergency SOS and location sharing.


With these features, your smartphone can automatically inform your loved ones if you’re in danger.

You can also install safety apps to maximize more safety features. They include:

  • Panic button apps – Apps with one-touch buttons that immediately send SOS messages or call emergency services
  • Health emergency apps – Apps that provide emergency contacts and first-aid instructions
  • Crime reporting apps – Apps that let you report crimes or suspicious activities to authorities
  • Travel safety apps – Apps with travel safety tips, emergency contacts, and location-based alerts
  • Anti-theft apps – Apps that track and recover stolen devices and can remotely lock or delete data

Smart Pepper Sprays

Smart pepper sprays are aerosol sprays that incorporate digital technologies to provide additional safety features. Their functions include:

  • GPS tracking – Location tracking when the spray is used
  • Alert notifications – Send alerts to pre-selected contacts
  • Camera integration – Some sprays have cameras that capture images or video of the assailant
  • Bluetooth connection – Sprays that can connect to your smartphone, letting you manage settings through an app
  • Usage data – Provides usage history data of spray deployment, which can be helpful for legal records

Personal Alarms With GPS Tracking

Personal alarms with GPS tracking combine a loud alarm and GPS technology. Their features include:

  • They emit a loud siren or alarm sound to scare off attackers and draw attention to your location.
  • The GPS technology lets you send your real-time location to loved ones and emergency contacts.
  • They have straightforward activation methods, such as a button press, keychain yank, or a pull pin.
  • Many personal alarms can also connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • Some models may include flashlights and strobe lights for added safety.

Doorbell Camera

Doorbell cameras provide activity alerts and let you talk with visitors before they enter your house. They are either wireless or hardwired into your existing doorbell.


These devices work like security cameras. They capture videos throughout the day via infrared LED sensors or spotlights. The footage is stored in a cloud server or a micro SD card.


The infrared LED sensors produce night vision with clear, black-and-white videos. However, doorbell cameras with spotlights provide colored night vision.


Some doorbell cameras also use artificial intelligence (AI) to differentiate people and objects. Otherwise, they can only alert you of any motion.


Image by Macrovector on Freepik

Smart Locks

Smart locks let you remotely control your door locks. You can use voice commands, fingerprint scanning, or mobile apps.


The remote feature lets you view real-time entry and exit logs. The Wi-Fi connectivity also provides alerts of any activity to ensure the safety of all occupants.


Additionally, smart locks let you create temporary entry codes for cleaning services, dog walkers, repair services, visiting guests, and relatives. You can set access limitations to ensure code holders can only enter your home during approved times.

Anti-Theft Bags, Backpacks, and Purses

Anti-theft bags, backpacks, and purses have security features that help deter pickpockets and safeguard valuables.


These accessories have hidden or lockable zippers that prevent access to main compartments. They even have cut-resistant materials like slash-proof fabrics or reinforced straps.


Moreover, some models have RFID-blocking pockets. These pockets prevent thieves from skimming your credit card, passport, and other RFID-enabled items.


Some backpacks also have a bulletproof backpack insert that shields against bullets. These inserts provide NIJ-level IIIA protection that can stop almost all handgun rounds.


Additionally, the inserts are flexible and lightweight, which is ideal for school-aged children.

Bulletproof Clothing

Bulletproof garments are protective clothing that absorb or deflect the impact of bullets and other projectiles. They help protect you from life-threatening injuries from violent acts and other high-risk situations.


Unlike body armor, bulletproof clothing is designed for everyday wear. They can seamlessly blend into daily attire, providing a discreet layer of protection.


Examples of bulletproof clothing include:

  • Jackets
  • Hoodies
  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Blazers
  • Vests


Remember that bulletproof clothing isn’t invincible. It offers varying levels of protection based on its designs, materials, and threats it is designed to guard against.

UV Markers

Ultraviolet (UV) markers are fluorescent but transparent pens. The marks they produce can only be seen under UV lights.


UV markers leave hidden marks on objects and surfaces for safety and security. This feature allows you to mark personal belongings, valuable items, and equipment. These hidden markings can help you identify and recover stolen items in case of theft.

Multi-Functional Headwear

Multi-functional headwear has protective elements that help enhance your preparedness in potentially dangerous situations.


Many designs have cut-resistant materials to reduce injuries from facial and neck attacks.


In addition to physical protection, multi-functional headwear often includes features that enhance visibility and situational awareness. Reflective strips and patterns can help you see clearer in low-light conditions.


Some multi-functional headwear also have built-in LED lights that can illuminate dark areas.

Self-Defense Umbrellas

Self-defense umbrellas are made of sturdy materials that can withstand significant force and impact. The shafts of these umbrellas are typically highly resistant to bending, providing a tool to block or strike.


Some self-defense umbrellas incorporate modern technologies to enhance functionality. Examples of these technological integrations include:

  • Alarm systems
  • GPS tracking
  • LED flashlights
  • Tactical handles
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Lock mechanisms

Tactical Pens

Tactical pens function like regular pens while providing self-defense features. They are often made of durable materials like steel, anodized aluminum, or titanium and have rigid handles that allow for a firmer grip.


Depending on the design, you can use them with other features. For instance, some pens have whistles and attached knives.


Many tactical pens also have DNA catchers that collect DNA samples from assailants. Meanwhile, others have lights that let you alert someone for help or navigate low-light and dark areas.

Gear Up With Modern Safety Accessories

Modern safety accessories help protect you from contemporary, sophisticated threats. They provide immediate protection with advanced technologies.


As such, investing in these tools can help reduce your risk of being a victim of various crimes, letting you navigate your daily life more confidently.