Newswire.Net Publishes Its Media and Business Development Kit

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By Hayden Hess

HOUSTON, June 30, 2009 (NEWSWIRE.NET) — Extensions, Inc. (Pink Sheets:EXTI) (, a Social Networking Development Company, today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Newswire.Net, Inc., has published its media and business development kit at

“We look forward to the opportunity of working with the media in explaining our vision and business model,” stated Crawford Shaw, CEO of Extensions, Inc., the parent corporation of Newswire.Net, Inc.

The Newswire.Net Media and Business Development Kit explains the company’s vision, business model, and contains the provisional patent titled, “Method of Creating and Maintaining a Social Network News Agency and Press Release Distribution Service.”

About Newswire

Newswire.Net is a social network of journalists and bloggers, who after submitting approved sample writings and signing our continuous ethics policy, are admitted as associate reporters under our Newswire banner. Here associate writers will enjoy the support of an internal editorial review process insuring grammar, content and integrity of the article.

Members of the Newswire network will receive the following membership privileges. First, each member will get a full-color badge identifying them as a member of the press corps as a writer for Newswire. These professionally produced badges will include an 888 number. Anyone will be able to call and verify with a Newswire editor that the reporter is who their badge says they are.

Second, as writers submit more articles, they will be able to “rise in rank” in the organization. The founders of Newswire visualize writers being able to begin as an associate, but be promoted through “senior associate,” “regional assistant editor,” “section head,” and even rise to the position of “bureau chief” for their particular area of expertise or location. These will not be mere “titles;” they are titles taken from the media world itself to reflect the very real past work and reporting of a Newswire associate.

Each associate of Newswire will also have their own profile on the social network. A profile page will include the member’s official photo, a brief biography, links to past articles, and articles for which they are currently on assignment. These would be articles the associate has agreed to work on and is currently preparing a report for.

The more articles are written for Newswire, the more every other member of the network will benefit. Their own articles will benefit from the popularity of their fellow writers. They will also benefit from having their writing backed by a legitimate and recognized news organization. Since each member will have a byline, the articles they write will contribute directly to their own reputation.

Through Newswire, these independent writers and investigators will have the ability to receive the media credentials that other reporters have. They will have the support of Newswire’s editorial staff and customized press passes identifying their affiliation with Newswire.

For media inquires please email or call Newswire.Net at (888) 666-8910 ext 4.


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