CEO Space All Star Team Collaborates to Address the United Nations President Miguel Brockman on Global Recession Relief and Econ

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New York, August 13, 2009 (NEWSWIRE)– An all star team of experts will join Ambassador Byron Blake in an address to the United Nations regarding economic development. Joining Ambassador Blake in the address are Berny Dorhmann, Founder and Chairman of CEO Space, Inc., Les Brown, Motivational Speaker and best-selling author and Bob Proctor, author of The Secret.

The address will include information on CEO Space’s new Sovereign Nation Program, which is designed for heads of state to purchase for their economic development. This service provides what is called an in-nation “free enterprise week” from Sunday to Sunday that addresses up to 5,000 of the host nation’s business owners. This program features a collaborative and cooperative style of teaching that involves the business owners in the entire process of learning to build their business and position it for hyper-growth over a two to three year period.

The objective is for a host nation to participate into a system that has over 20 years of success in developing and growing free enterprise businesses. The result of this forum is that these business leaders take away cooperation technologies and incorporate them into their business model. In turn, this makes cooperation and collaboration a permanent fixture in their business. B.J. Dohrmann puts it another way, “We’re making that group of (business) managers pregnant with cooperation technologies in the work space.”

The return on this participation is many-fold. Initially, the forum stimulates the nation’s economy when the forums take place. This is seen in an increase in hotel revenue, food and drink revenue and tourist revenue.  Further, the forum week acts as an economic incubator. It helps develop real businesses that will generate $100 million in tax base over the next 24-36 months.

These forums further enhance a country’s ability to lead. When the people in their communities see that their government is offering the prestige and expertise of the most leading-edge skills training in the entrepreneurial environment they realize the importance of what they are learning. The forums are further set up to help the development of rural and agricultural communities and each program is tailored to all cultures and communities within the host nation.

For the host nation a week may not seem like enough time to host a program that will teach business leaders advanced collaborative techniques at a university level, MBA based forum. The solution, however, is simple. SuperTeaching.  SuperTeaching was invented by Berny Dohrmann and is endorsed by the University of Alabama Huntsville. This method of teaching involves a system that reaches multiple senses and is designed to use imagery and audio. This multi-sensory approach captures the attention of students involved in the learning process and allows them to effectively retain more knowledge per hour of instruction at a more in-depth and permanent level.

SuperTeaching, itself, lends to the further economic growth of a country over the long run. When schools set up SuperTeaching labs and use these methods to teach young students, the results are the addition of citizens that are more knowledgeable and educated at a higher level. This, in and of itself, will contribute to the economic development of a nation because of the likelihood that these same people will go on to manage businesses in a more efficient, growth-oriented manner or even build and grow their own businesses, which further maintains and stabilizes economic growth.

The address to the United Nations couldn’t come at a more critical time. With the current world economy reeling from recession a new way of looking at capitalism may be just what the doctor ordered. History has shown that one of the only ways out of an economic depression or recession is entrepreneurial development. The 1930s in the United States and worldwide saw huge growth in entrepreneurial endeavors that helped pull nations out of the economic spiral that had occurred during the Great Depression.

The key factor in growing a nation’s economy is treasury receipts. With CEO Space’s Sovereign Nation Program as a viable way for the U.N. to help address the current economic crisis, the new model of collaborative capitalism could very well be the solution to many of the world’s national level economic crises.

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