Why I Love Thermafreeze

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Originally designed for the shipping industry, Thermafreze is a dry gel pack, plastic on one side and cloth on the other that can be cut to any size and molded to fit any container or product that needs to be kept cold during shipping. The easiest way to use Thermafreeze is to cut it to size, shape it to the product or container and then freeze it. The space age gel retains the cold and acts the same as ice would except there is no mellting, no mess, and no damaged containers. It is lighter than ice, or water, and very flexible even when frozen. So, Thermafreeze is a lightweight, moldable refrigerant that creates no mess during shipping and keeps products cold. It also costs less than comparable means of refrigeraton. What’s not to love?

That’s just the beginning of the story. It didn’t take long for people to realize that Thermafreeze could work well for human beings too. As a lightweight cold compress for sports injuries, or strained muscles, Thermafreeze is perfect because in addition to being light weight and lasting a long time comparged to ice packs, it also can be molded to the specific part of the body that is hurting. This has opened up a whole new consumer retailing division within the company. Already retailers like Wakefern Food Corporation, the largest retailer owner cooperative in the United States and Duane Reed Drugstores and Shop-Rite are reaping the rewards of their new product, Thermafreeze. King Kullen, a family controlled and operated supermarket chain based in New York; Wade Foods, a locally owned and operated supermarket chain in Virginia, and Doody Home Centers, headquartered in New York are all Thermafreeze retailers as well.

Jim Bolton, the Chief Operating Officer of Thermafreeze Products Corporation said, “We are very excited about the strong retail expansion we are currently experiencing. The value proposition for our retail customers is strong. Thermafreeze is easy to ship to stores, displays well on shelves and end caps, offers attractive margins, and most importantly, strong levels of satisfaction among customers who purchase the product.” He continued, “We are also seeing additional strong interest among brokers within the food and drug industry who are actively talking to many additional retail accounts. We are expecting this broker activity and our own internal sales efforts to yield significantly expanding shelf space exposure throughout 2010.”

For the commerical shipping application, Thermafreeze comes in a roll and is lighter than other products of this type, lasts longer under a wide variety of conditions, costs less than comparable products, and the pads are configured to keep payloads within a designated temperature range for the time the shipper indicates the cargo will be in transit.

For consumer applications, as mentioned earlier, Thermafreeze is an excellent light weight cold compress for sore muscles, in addition, it can go into lunch boxes to keep lunches fresh, it can be wrapped around bottles and cans and it can be molded to fit into any size cooler. Imagine a picnic or day at the beach with no watery mess in the cooler! Thermafreeze provides cooling power that cannot be equaled.

Thermafreeze is a patented, innovative refrigerant product manufactured by Thermafreeze Products Corporation (PINK SHEETS: TZPC). With the addition of new retail outlets, and the expected growth of the retail division in 2010, the corporation is looking forward to a very good year this year.