How EXT's Business Sense Makes Sense

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When Search Engines and Networking technology come together, there will be an formidable partnership with many ideas which will be formed and exchanged. This in itself is the directive used by most successful Micro Social Network companies.

The provisional patents from EXT; an internet search engine that portrays the convergence of Search Engine and Social Networking, capture the benefits gained from shared empowerment, the management of ideas and the transfer of experiences in all fields.

There are new internet companies that are being formed on a daily basis and a type of social networking that is reshaping traditional network technology which is quite different.

Social Networks and Search Engines are coming together to realize a unique solution to solving problems. This in turn will create new businesses and drive a lot of activity to any internet site, including online traffic.

• Business Sense uses a new patent pending type of social network platform that has been implemented by EXT.Com. Members can design their own profile there even if this profile already exists on other networks.

• Customization of several profiles can be created for the activities the members create, such as their company, their interests and personal life.

• All fonts and colors, including the layout and theme pages can all be changed and personalized to fit any taste.

• Social networking sites have always generated income in return for free examination and services to their customers.

• These sites have built links and provided captivating content for their sites.

• The owners of the network sites make great advertising revenue profits, change and upgrade their profiles on a constant basis.

All this will change, since members can now obtain a good income on their own from the social networks they are part of and with the innovation of technology the members can be part of a tough intellectual property podium which alternates between a search engine and social network technology.

EXT has created a patent pending concept which is expanding and influencing internet marketing strategies. This model combines the best keywords and will in turn direct traffic towards all types of different social networks.

The users of the Business Sense model can create web-pages and specific HTML applications, as well as videos that can all be embedded into the site. The members of this micro social network can also decide who will be able to share and change the profiles by means of private invitation on the site.

EXT, has developed a winning intellectual property program, explaining the vision and involvement of Social Networks and Search Engines and the manner in which these two technologies come together so as to meet the specific social causes mentioned below:

• A social networking site that would move traffic towards small companies by using excellent Search Engine Optimization techniques.
• Coming up with a Social Network where reporters in all fields would come together to report news from singular angles, in an unbiased manner.
• A Search Engine that would help a cancer patient hear from other cancer survivors and learn from their experiences.
• Visualizing a network where the international economy would boom since multinationals would measure up to their mistakes and be responsible for their actions towards their clients and customers.

Ext uses to provide any company with a Press Release for their product which is targeted to their customers. It will distribute articles that will be placed on thousands of sites. This will in turn lead web traffic and sales to the site in the following manner:

1) The customer will create their own Press Release or will have one written up for them.
2) A journalist who writes an article will use specific SEO keywords and write a Press Release for the Search Engines.
3) After approval, the Press Release will be released to thousands of locations within the internet including Reuters. The information will have the new website link mentioned and will lead interested customers to that particular newly formed site.
4) Next, a follow-up Press Release will be written, in the hope of increasing traffic once again.
5) The customer with select the zip codes and keywords they want to appear in the articles.
6) The new website will be taken to its full capacity and adjusted on an ongoing basis for utmost coverage to the Search Engines.

Some of the newer social networks, in comparison to the more classic models, are giving their members the ability to be involved in a smaller and more specific networking community, they are also offering more extensive social networking procedures.

The union of Search Engines and Social Networks has also facilitated the creation of interactive networks which discuss different topics, such as coffee shops, motorbikes, schools and so on. These become even more focused and can create more precise social networks, such as outdoor coffee shops, BMW motorbikes, and cooking schools for example.

Social Network sites have been created very successfully by using their patent pending method. These patent business sense micro social networks are one of the greatest growing online sources for millions of people who are joining them on a daily basis, interacting together and acting as a team.

On the other hand, Search Engines are providing billions of searches a day, with more and more focused knowledge and valuable information made available to all the members of the networks, and when valuable content is created on a particular social network, thousands of people will want to become members of that particular site.

In conclusion, anyone can join a social network and be selective of the community to which they want to belong to and with whom they want to network. The members of these smaller social networks who use, with their patent pending methods, will feel a greater sense of belonging, will receive less spam, fewer advertisements, and less uncalled-for information, simply because they belong to a new and smaller micro social niche that is monitored and has a patent business sense micro social system behind it.