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There is no law in the world that states that a person needs to get old. Have you ever wondered why we all age? Why do we end up having grey hair as we get older? Why is it that our skin starts to wrinkle? Why do our bones give up on us and we start experiencing back and leg pain? Loss of memory, hurting feet and the list just goes on. So what is the reason? Why do we go through this ageing phases, some quicker than others. Many are known to have it down to television, books, friends, teachers and the general perception that we have learnt through society.

What you have to realize and keep in mind is that through the youthful energy, one is not able to reverse their aging process. You can not change the basic science of nature which is that we all do age with time, however ageing and still being young is something that you can decide. The whole purpose of youthful energy is that you are able to have a healthy glow in your life. You feel more fresh and cheerful. You are known to have this extra energy about you that will help you in your confidence. The great thing about youthful energy is that you suffer less annoyance and anger.

Many people only refer to youthfulness as being how one looks when this is not entirely case. How young you are is more determined by your personality and your behavior which is why you can not put an age on being young. Living young and feeling young is more important and effective that simply looking young. Now how energetic you are as a person is based on you as a person. Yes it is fair to say that ones genetics is known to play a huge role in whether or not you are energetic and youthful as a person, however there are many other contributing factors as well. The biggest factor is your surroundings and how you react to certain things.

The thing that you have to realize is that there are certain things that you have experienced in life that can not be traded. These both include wisdom and knowledge. It is quite common to look back at our earlier years and say to yourself that I’m thankful that that time is over as our lives are much better now. Yet regardless of saying this time and time again to our selves we still are known to listen to our youthful vitality. What you have to realize is that the human body is designed in such a way to work and adapt on various factors. These factors include love, knowledge, imagination and creativity. Our minds have been made in such a way that they develop on these characteristics. Yes there are many more characteristics as well but these are the most important ones that we tend to undermine.

Those adults that look back at their child hood and believe that they can relive those “glory” days are the ones that tend to find themselves being much happier. The key is to be creative and want to experience new things from life.

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