CEOSpace: Gary Malkin and his Vision to Change How People Learn

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Gary Malkin is the founder of Musaic and Wisdom of the World™, which is an incredible media production company and web site dedicated to life-enhancing experiences. Malkin has a passion for music and the arts and the humanizing roles they play in health care, education, religion, corporate cultures and philanthropic endeavors. A trained public speaker, Malkin touches the minds and hearts of audiences all over the world through his keynote presentations, training sessions, media projects and inspirational performances. Malkin has a knack of making people feel comforted and empowered no matter what they are facing or what obstacles they must overcome throughout their lives

His desire to entertain the world in meaningful ways emerged in 1992, with the near death of his newly born daughter. Rather than be overcome with fear, he immersed himself in studying the use of media and music to promote peace, integration of mind, spirit and heart and environmental sustainability in everything that we do. With the knowledge Malkin gained, he developed a method of relaying positive messages that anyone can understand and accept. His work has become famous and has many followers who are captivated by his and those of others through media presentations.

As founder of Musaic and Wisdom of the World™(WOW), Malkin formed a media production company and web site that are considered to be life enhancing and life changing. He is also co-founder of an innovative Care-For-the Caregiver initiative for health care professionals called “Care for the Journey”.

WOW has a goal to employ media to empower, connect and heal individuals with the hope of helping them find the best part of themselves. As an inspirational media, WOW has the power to help individuals find their true purpose and strengthen their ability to connect with others in a compassionate way, as well as inspire them to achieve greater success in everything they do. WOW also creates healing environments through music, which strengthens connections to what most matters in a person’s life. The Wisdom of the World’s soundtrack, audio and visual media productions send compassionate messages to all who are facing circumstances beyond their control.

WOW’s mission is to send messages that are creative and inspiring. They offer a breathtaking and new way to experience harmony and things that matter the most in our lives. WOWs message is designed to deepen our spirits, our minds and our hearts to reveal our compassion as we transition through life and all its stages. When things in our life change, whether it be sickness or anything that threatens us, WOW is there to allow us to be mentored and comforted through assuring messages and perspectives as well as support. The messages through media are always uplifting, pure and full of intimacy and integrity.

As a seven time Emmy Award Winner, Gary Malkin has ingeniously captured the talents and wisdom of artists and leaders from around the world and has transformed their wisdom and beliefs into some of the best orchestrated performances that exist in the entertainment arena. This musical form of entertainment is meant to help people heal and learn in a most unique therapeutic way. Samples of some of WOW’s inspirational recordings can be found at

CEO Space, Inc.,  founded by Berny Dohrmann, a best-selling author, radio show host and economic visionary.  CEOSpace,  boasts an innovative model for fostering cooperation instead of competition among business leaders, providing five annual trade shows for their lifetime members where the focus is on resolving issues through consultation and concentration on mutual interests. At any one of CEO Space’s week long retreats, members have access to a host of experts from all over the world who will share their experience and their business savvy in the spirit of confidentiality and mentoring. Members can attend seminars with titles like Mentor Mixing, Brain Tithing, Super Niche Marketing and Time Management. CEO Space is often used as an exceptional employee reward plan, and tax deductible group tuition encourages companies to send their best and brightest to get a “software upgrade in business leadership.”

CEO Space designs their retreats to make the most of a busy executive’s valuable time, and divides meetings into ninety minute intervals so members can still ‘run the empire’ while participating in the workshops and seminars. CEO Space’s trade shows run from Tuesday morning through Sunday noon. Members are encouraged to bring their families and a teen entrepreneur and study aide program is offered concurrently with the adult programs. CEO Space also has university affiliated curriculum for senior management with 350 corporate trainers and major law firms on faculty. CEO Space claims endorsements by the following well-known experts in corporate training: Anthony Robbins, motivational speaker and author of “Awaken The Giant Within;” Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, co-creators of the bestselling series “Chicken Soup for the Soul;” Bob Proctor, who was featured in “The Secret” and wrote “The Science of Getting Rich;” Lisa Nichols, CEO of Motivating the Teen Spirit and author of “No Matter What” and was also featured in “The Secret;” Dr. Jeff Magee of “Performance Magazine;” Jill Lublin, a professional self-promotion expert; Jane Whilhite, co-founder of PSI World; Dr. John Gray, bestselling author of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus;” Ron Zeller, creator and co-presenter of “Winning The Second Half;” T. Harv Eker, bestselling author of “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind;” and Rick Frishman, founder of Planned Television Arts.