Why Successful People Don't Use Facebbok

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Time to face the facts about Facebook. It is not the wonderful tool for connecting with loved ones and valued customers that we had expected. Instead, it’s turning into a colossal waste of time and energy for anyone who actually has a life. Facebook’s octopus-like tendrils have created networks of randomly related people — most of whom seem intent on flooding your email box with invitations to things you have no interest in and wanting you to join some new group or internet ‘farm’ they have concocted to waste even more of your valuable time.

Let’s face it, Facebook is turning into an idiot box that eats up much of your productive time as the television. Besides, just like the television, it is laced with subtle programming that is designed to make you a good little consumer so you can fill your life with a parade of trivial products that are creating more clutter than comfort. Don’t forget all the data harvesting that Facebook has been accused of, and the rumors of it being a CIA operation are easy to laugh at, but sometimes you have to wonder just where all that data is going. Being a Facebook member certainly does seem to spread your personal information far and wide, and as a result you get bombarded with junk emails and targeted by specific goods and services tailored to meet your particular demographic.

Do you really need that Facebook to have a productive life? No? Then take the challenge!

Beginning May 1, 2010, I am asking you to join me in going cold turkey — the only way to really address any addiction — and just ignore your Facebook page. Delete those pesky email invites and updates from ‘friends’ and tell anyone who you might actually want to stay in contact with to send you an email directly. It can take a lot of fortitude if you have put that Facebook link button right at the top of your favorites list or on your icon bar, so give yourself a break and remove the link for now. You can replace it later if you decide that you really don’t see the benefit treating yourself to a Facebook-free lifestyle.

Of course, you may ask yourself just what are you going to do with all that internet time that just got freed up? Well, consider investing some time investigating your online competition. Study up on the latest techniques for crafting your website to reach your target audience. You can even spend some time checking out the latest innovations that can add benefit to your business or home life. But ideally, you will spend the time unplugged from media altogether and get out and enjoy yourself and your loved ones. Create real opportunities with people you genuinely do think can add value to your life. Quit wasting your precious time on people that are just addicted to seeing their list of friends build up on Facebook.

So, ready to take the pledge? Remember starting on May 1, 2010, you can give yourself thirty days to break the Facebook addiction and see what blooms as a result. After the thirty days are up, I just about guarantee you will realize you have been a more productive human being. You might even have discovered new ways to advance your bottom line, improve your lifestyle, and be the person really are, not some Facebook ‘cyber-identity.’ You might be surprised at what you can do when you manage to break the addiction to Facebook and all its bizarre time-wasting traps like FarmVille.