Benedetto all-natural Protein Chocolates Wow Celebrities, Dieters and Hollywood Execs

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PARK CITY, UTAH (April 28th, 2009 NEWSWIRE) Benedetto (, a healthy gourmet food company from Park City UT, has a-list celebrities, athletes, and film industry executives celebrating its revolutionary, new, all-natural protein chocolates.  From styling lounges to Beverly Hills parties and humanitarian fund-raisers, Benedetto showcased products of superior quality, taste, and nutrition, while proving itself a powerful ally in the fight against domestic obesity and world-wide hunger.
The unique Benedetto protein-centered chocolates debuted in earlier 2010 at the Sundance Film Festival, where just one bite of the decadent chocolate-covered protein marshmallow, caramel, or caramel crunch sent celebrities and event planners into fits of pleasure.  
Kevin Shelley, head of business development for Benedetto, explains, “Developing naturally sweet proteins allows Benedetto to remove up to 90% of the ‘candy’ in protein bars or chocolates while maintaining delicious taste and texture.  It’s real food, merely disguised as a highly pleasurable confection.”

Amazingly, just 5 protein caramels deliver close to 19 grams of protein, 40% of an average daily requirement.  All this in just 45 grams of food, 4 grams of fat, 5 grams of sugar, and barely 178 calories. Imagine, a Benedetto protein marshmallow has twice the protein per gram in salmon.
Rick Muir, CEO of Sephra chocolate fountains, said, “It’s visionary. U.S. demand is growing. 80% suffer from diabetes, obesity, or related illnesses yet attend parties that offer little for them to eat.  Until now our 8000+ restaurants, resorts, caterers, and event planners turned to fresh fruits, sugar marshmallows, and pretzels for dipping.  An all-natural, high-protein, delicious alternative opens a whole new menu category.”
Benedetto eventually partnered with Celebrity Suites LA and Unity For Foundation to reach key audiences throughout Oscar week, from a W Hotel styling lounge to an a-list Beverly Hills after party, to a House of Blues benefit concert with legendary musicians from “Tonight Show”, Aretha Franklin, Toto, Supertramp, Pink Floyd, and James Cotton, among others.
Word quickly spread of Benedetto’s sensational protein chocolate parties, demanding dozens more.   

Kaptain (Kaptain Designs), a designer to a score of the glitteratti at the Oscars said at SZTV’s style lounge in the new Hollywood W Hotel, “Protein chocolates and how to order them were all the models, designers, and celebrities were talking about in the fitting rooms.”  
One astonished fashion model, reread the label until pure bliss covered her face, “You’re kidding! I could have almost as many as I want!” as she swallowed two more chocolate-covered mint marshmallows, guilt-free.
At a party at Wayne Kao’s celebrity mansion in Beverly Hills, while DJ R1ckOne (of The Black-Eyed Peas fame) was spinning tunes five stunning “Benedetto Girls” (by Sills Models) were serving protein chocolate like hor d’ oerves and trays of protein-centers were being skewered and “skinny-dipped” into gallons of chocolate flowing from 12-ft.-tall Sephra fountain (by Chocolate Delights). Outside on the terrace 0-sugar, 0-fat centers inspired awe among celebrities and their associated charitable causes. Janet and Eric McCormack (Will from “Will & Grace”), for one, were moved by Shelley’s interest in their Project Angel Food, a food-delivery charity that serves over 13,000 meals a week to people affected by HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other life-threatening illnesses.  
Pending product review by internal dietitians, Shelley says, “In this case, as in many other cases, protein chocolates are a natural fit delivering concentrated, highly digestible, all-natural proteins in a delicious food to people whose nutrition has suffered.”
Shelley adds, “Whether you’re fit or not, food and nutrition is more than just a concoction, more than utilitarian. Women especially desire good looking and tasting food. Variety and transparency are key. Our flavor and texture possibilities are infinite. Our all-natural ingredients allow anyone to read and know exactly what they’re eating. As we say, ‘One bite will get you; One peek [at our label] will keep you.’ “
Usages vary. Protein chocolates are perfect for women on the go to throw a box into their purse; perfect for teen boys working out to bulk up their skinny bodies.  As a daily diet or sport regimen eaten morning, between meals, and at night, they not only satiate appetite effectively, they also raise metabolism and burn calories all-day – same benefits experts agree come from eating 6 smaller meals daily.”
Meanwhile, healthier snacks are finding powerful supporters among Hollywood executives. Recently, a fortune 500 entertainment executive scorned movie theaters during his keynote address for selling “junk food” despite growing demand for “healthy alternatives”. Shortly thereafter, a box of Benedetto protein chocolates was requested to be sent to his company’s Chairman of Worldwide Marketing and Distribution for review.  
This fits Benedetto’s two causes: to end juvenile diabetes and obesity domestically, and to end hunger worldwide, by improving access and distribution of food, like protein.
In summary, just as independent films like “The Hurt Locker” garnered more praise this year than the big studio films like James Cameron’s $2.4 billion blockbuster “Avatar”, Benedetto protein chocolates are dazzling Hollywood insiders and industry leaders alike.  Many, like Sean Borzage (Director of the Borzage Film Foundation), suggest Benedetto Foods is “The best thing to happen to chocolate.”  If so, perhaps next year chef Wolfgang Puck’s regal “chocolate Oscar” served at the Governor’s Ball will become a “protein chocolate” version covered in edible gold dust, making it as healthy as it is decadent.  

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