Royalty Trust Services You Can Trust

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HR Shaikh, Seyar, CPA is one of the trusted names when it comes to financial planning services. They are reckoned as trust planning experts who provide all types of trust services. They not only specialize in various kinds of trust services such as the common oil trust, mineral trust but also the more complicated royalty trusts.  As one of the fastest growing CPA firms in Houston they bring large firm expertise with small firm service. 

HR Shaikh Seyar, CPA has the expertise to provide Planning Trust Services. They have experienced personnel and customer friendly staff that constantly strives towards achieving effective financial success for its clients. They have a thorough understanding of current tax laws, the overall financial environment that is present currently and financial strategies that will help you pursue a variety of goals. HR Shaikh provides a number of services to its customers. They provide audit, sales tax returns, financial planning and business consulting services.

All information about HR Shaikh and its Financial Planning products can be sought from here Trust services are yet another kind of service that HR Shaikh offers to it customers. As a steward of considerable wealth there are forces that continuously act to erode that wealth. Taxes are one such concern. Control and Ownership can also become issues that affect yoru legacy. HR Shaikh works with its clients to manage their wealth. The wealth advisors of HR Shaikh have strong relationships with leading trust, estate and tax practitioners worldwide. They work with the client’s attorneys to develop a tax effective ownership structure that prevents the erosion of the client’s wealth. They do it for a wide range of assets such as privately held companies, insurance, art and other assets that cannot be liquidated easily. All the issues do not have one solution. So HR Shaikh believes I constant innovation to provide the best and most customized services to its clients.

Trusts play a vital role in wealth transfer strategies. HR Shaikh has the expertise in fiduciary area as they have been a trusted confidante and a corporate trustee. Their core competence lies in expertise in tax compliance and administration. They have the expertise to manage every kind of asset which are not just marketable securities but also closely held business interests.

Royalty trust is a corporation in the United States and Canada which is involved in oil and gas, production and mining. The unique thing about this trust is that its profits are tax free at the corporate level provided a certain high percentage is distributed to shareholders as dividends. But it is not totally devoid of tax. The dividends thus distributed are taxed as personal income. HR Shaikh acts as the Royalty trust to many companies. It acts as the oil trust to many companies that are into oil production. All information about HR Shaikh and its various Planning and Trust services can be sought from