Microloans and Global Peace Train: Empowering Impoverished Women Everywhere

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By GordanaV

Impoverished women in developing countries today look for a dignified solution to their problem. They prefer not to depend but to use their entrepreneurial talents to establish a small business with the help of microloans to ensure a sustained income for feeding their families. Inspired by their spark of independence and their determination to succeed if only they could get a little capital help, non profit organizations like Global Peace Train create great initiatives such as their powerful “Making Miracles with Microloans” program.

The aim of this program, according to Aja Duniven, its CEO is to offer microloan to impoverished women in Kenya and aid them with starting a small business to elevate their economic status and bring their families out of poverty. Global Peace Train creates microloan awareness among individuals and corporate to generate sufficient donations through charity programs.

Midsummer’s Night to be held at Salt Lake City is a joint venture between Global Peace Train and NS Minerals, a socially responsible corporate. This mega charity event is created on the lines of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream and is organized with the help of La Caille’s event organizers. According to the CEO of NS Minerals, Janelle Rush, this event is to encourage those who want to do something towards the suffering but do not know how to go about it to donate liberally towards the cause of the underprivileged in Kenya.

This event will include an auction of services and art from talents across Salt Lake City, a three course French meal and a musical appearance from the famed Tamara Taylor. Master of Ceremonies for this event will be HBO Comedy Tour and Comedy Central’s famed Michael Ugo Birkland. According to Ms. Rush, even small donations made online through their website could go a great way towards helping poverty stricken families in Kenya.

Impoverished entrepreneurs are happy with loans as small as $100 that can help them start a small business such as a sewing shop, a restaurant or a utility shop in their area and earn enough sustainable income to alleviate their family’s poverty and hunger.

At least 97% of microloan borrowers repay their loans within the stipulated period enabling the organizations to continue lending to others in the community. Micro loan awareness is definitely spreading aided by non-profit and other NGO organizations across the world.  Organizations such as Global Peace Train help with sustained development of communities through educational programs, microloan and creation of opportunities for motivated women.

Impoverished women are provided with tools that are necessary for them to build their livelihoods and bring their families out of misery and hunger. They create not dependence but dignity for women with an aim of reducing poverty.

By extending credit, organizations such as Global Peace Train empower women through small scale entrepreneurship promotion by utilizing resources such as desire and motivation for self determination, collective liability and community participation to transform under privileged society.

The only way these organizations can reach across to every nook and corner of the world and help alleviate suffering of communities dying every day from hunger is through enhanced participation of socially responsible individuals and corporate.

Janelle Rush, CEO of NS Minerals, was looking to partner with various non-profit organizations aimed at the empowerment of women. When she came across Duniven’s project with microfinance loans, Rush decided to get involved. To help provide more loans to the women in Kenya, Rush and Duniven planned and organized the Midsummer’s Night event with the assistance of La Caille’s event specialists, drawing on the scenery at La Caille and Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” to inspire the magical theme.

The event at La Caille will include a three-course French meal provided by the venue’s chefs, a silent auction featuring art and services from Salt Lake City talent, and a special musical appearance from Tamara Taylor. Michael Ugo Birkland from Comedy Central and the HBO Comedy tour will serve as Master of Ceremonies for the event.

“I think everyone has the desire to do something good for others, but we don’t always know how to go about it,” says Rush. “This is an opportunity for people to get involved by contributing their talents to a good cause. Simply attending the event or making small donations online is a way to help these women in Kenya.”

The event begins at 6pm and is open to the public. For Tickets or donations call 801.452.3101 or visit www.globalpeacetrain.com/donations. All tickets and donations are tax deductible.
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About Global Peace Train:

Global Peace Train was founded in 2009 with the mission of creating partnerships with socially conscious businesses and building teams to empower local leaders for sustainable community development around the world. The organization has delivered services, supplies and clothing to children in 3 countries, filmed 2 documentaries, conducted research of the sustainability of micro-financing in Africa and India, and attended the International Grassroots Peace Conference.

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