Christine Alyward, Natalie Portman and the Hottest New Entertainment Site

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There are so many websites out about movies these days, one can only assume that they are going to all have the same information. Take a look at some of the biggest movie websites around and it is going to become quite obvious that they are all cutting and pasting from each other, until it is impossible to tell who has the cutting edge news and who is just borrowing the headlines.

That is where MakingOf.Com comes in! This website, started by industry professional Christine Aylward and award winning actress Natalie Portman, wants to give you a new type of vision of the movie making process. With an eye on the industry from within the industry itself, fans are going to get a spectacular look at the entire system of how a film goes from the script to the screen. Already the site features content that you would only expect to find as an extra on a DVD, and it is growing every day with new information about up and coming films, stars, and movies of the past.

Nowadays, there is also huge movement in the film festival scene, and has promised to be there with the up to the minute information about what films are showing and what the heat rating is. There aren’t any websites out there now that can provide such immediate up close and personal information, because it is the creators themselves, hand in hand with the fans, that are supplying the information.

When you first enter the website, you are going to notice its sleek and stylish layout, with an easy to navigate style. Every piece of information you could want is menu driven and easy to reach without having to scroll through months and months of blogs to find that one piece of news you were wondering about. Just choose whether you are looking for ‘Movies’ or ‘Insider Interviews’ and you are off and looking at the most recent updates on movie trailers, behind the scenes interviews, and more.

The internet has come a long way when it comes to providing us with news and information about every aspect of the media. is the natural evolution of what people want to see when it comes to their cinema websites, and as it grows you are going to find more and more people talking about the type of information it provides. Whether you are looking to see an HD version of the newest comic book movie trailer, or read about why a certain Academy Award nominee used one vantage point over another, is going to be there to provide you that information.

At first there were websites and forums that solely had fans talking about what movies they enjoyed. Soon after that, entire websites were created to inform us the filmography of every actor, writer, and director we could possibly conceive of. Now, in a world where you can stream films directly to your computer, having a website that features the creators talking about their creations seems only natural. has the potential to be the future of the internet film experience, and I look forward to watching it expand and grow with its audience.