The Robert Ryan Cancer Protocol – The Engine Behind

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The Robert Ryan Cancer Protocol is based on the pioneeering work of Dr. Nicos Nikolau, who in October of 2007 published a study titled “Quality of Life (QOL) Supersedes the Classic Predictors of Survival in Locally Advanced Non Small Cell Lung Cancer”  This Rosetta Stone study was the first time that a qualiatitve measure (Quality of Life) was validated in an evidenced based medicine study to have validated medical benefit. 

Leveraging the EORTC (European Organization for the Research and Treatment of Cancer) QLQ-30 index and social networking advancements, the Robert Ryan Cancer Protocol is the engine behind is a 15 part modular best practice dissemination of the most common elelments which cancer patients need help with.  Organized in a single user interface leverages social networking advancements to create the largest onlice social support network of cancer patients, volunteers and cancer resources..

Why is this so important!

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, they feel as if their world is being turned upside down. This is to be expected, however, for the majority of people, they will start going to this doctor and that doctor, and feel as if they are becoming a statistic. Too many times, the doctor seems to believe that they are more of a science project than a person and because of this the quality of life that the person has begins to decline. After all, the worth someone feels about themselves is taking a hard hit every time a doctor talks to that person as if they are the disease itself, not a person.

When the quality of life is gone from a person who has cancer, the chances of their survival greatly decreases. Why is that? Simply because the quality of life someone has makes them want to fight more. When they stop believing in themselves and start to see themselves as a statistic instead of person they are going to lose the will to fight. After all, who has the will to fight when the doctor says that 70% of those with this type of cancer do not make it? It is a time in which most patients get to the point that they have nothing to fight for because exerting the energy to fight is worthless.

The first thing that most cancer patients do when they find out the news that they do indeed have cancer, is visit some sort of time table for the specific kind of cancer that they have and look at what their expected recover percentage is as well as how long they can live with the cancer. However, these are statistics, and a person is not a statistic. Each case of cancer, even if it is the same type of cancer affects each person differently. Therefore, these charts are really only a way for the person to worry even more than what they are already worried.

For those that have been diagnosed with cancer, one great place to turn is the Robert Ryan Cancer Protocol. This protocol is a way in which the patient can make sure that they are living a quality life through the use of social networks and various other tools to keep their hope alive and realize that a number that a doctor gives the person does not count for everything.

Upon initial research, it was found that those who utilized the Robert Ryan Cancer Protocol were able to improve their quality of life and because of this the likelihood of surviving the cancer was greatly improved. Furthermore, they found that patients who had a higher quality of life found that they were increasing their survival chance, no matter what kind of treatment that the doctor prescribed.

Through the support group that is going through or has been through the same type of cancer, the person can understand their illness fully. They are able to make decisions confidently because they have the opportunity to look it over with those that have been in their shoes. Having the ability to talk with someone who has been through what the patient is currently going through gives the person hope that they to can beat the odds and not become another statistic that contributes to the loss of quality of life for future patients.

The Robert Ryan Cancer Protocol is the one way in which patients can connect to one another and be able to give advice, tips and overall just encouragement to keep fighting the cancer that is plaguing their lives. In addition, it is a place for those that are loved ones of the patient to connect with others that have played the supporting role and understand what they can do in order to make sure that the quality of life the cancer patient has is fulfilled to increase their chances of survival.