The Truth is Written in Your Heart

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All of us came into this life with the physical body but our inner self were just empty. Throughout our different stages of development, we get to learn of the moral values and cultures which we ought to live by. It’s from these values that one learns and so they define who this person becomes in the future. It’s from the experiences that we go through that one is able to define their lives. Some give life a good definition due to the success they have accomplished in it. But the bigger group remains to curse life for all their troubles in life. Among those who remain to be very pessimistic in life are those who continuously fight their inner voice that calls them to having a new view of what life is. Little do they know of how much greatness lies ahead if only they would pay attention to the voice that whispers from their hearts. Since most people always find themselves having a lot of troubles for lack of adherence to that inner self speaking, it requires a change of the way obey that silent whisper.

It’s for this reason that many have found themselves se dragging behind and not achieving what they ought to in life. No wonder, most people who have declined the call to do things differently by yielding to the desires of their heart are always complaining. They fail to understand that, doing something the same way it was done yesterday guarantees the same result and nothing better. These changes have been crying out in every aspect of our lives but we have been reluctant to give in to the change.

Sometimes doing things differently will entail doing those things that should be done and not necessary the one that are a routine. The question of how to relate with the different issues of life remains to be answered by individual personalities. Some individuals will find it difficult with their lives by not being able to solve their issues.  Yet the same person is able to solve other peoples’ problems through their knowledge. This has been so since most people have shifted their energy to focusing on what the outsiders want rather than creating the same time to focus on their inner self. It’s only after this that, the inner voice will have an audience and the obedience will just but brings a lot of self satisfaction in life. It will call people to stop doing things in the normal way but try to follow their consciousness. The accomplishments that everyone desires to so much to achieve will become feasible once we look into our hearts and realize the things that will work best with our lives. This kind of awakening will make us cautious not to dwell on the things are openly unachievable.

When the conscious is given the power to rule our lives, there will be a lot of opportunities that will be popping out every time. This aspect of letting go of the old self becomes a risk which is worth taking as it gives the experience of having new development rather than remain the same person. The concern should be that, all of us have a life to live which should not reflect another person’s life. Our lives will become so original the moment the heart is given the deciding role on what our actions should be rather than clinging on what others want to see in us. This is the new pathway that will definitely lead to a unique destination that no one ever explored. The good thing about the change that would arise from a decision made from our hearts is the satisfaction that comes with it. The pride of this decision is enhanced when a person is able to discover themselves. One is able to follow the likes and passions of life rather than be subjected to the norms of life.

In all of this decisions making life, one little instrument that is of much importance is the words we utter using our tongue. Words are the only thing that we use to express our choices in life and so they help in linking our hearts decisions to the physical world around us.  The words we use help in reconstructing some mistakes we could have committed in life and rebranding our lives with new meaning. One who would remain silent to the voice of their conscious risks living a life that do not have any goals to be accomplished. There are the higher powers which are the power to   will, reason and be conscious. A person who elevates theses inner riches is bound for some unique satisfying accomplishments.