How to Claim Your Google Places Page – Local SEO

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  1. Go to and log in with proper Google Account. (alternately, you can start by going to and clicking “claim my listing” on your already listed Google Local page.)
  2. Select “add a new business >>”
  3. Follow the steps to add business information. Be careful to enter your information correctly.  Cut and paste when possible
  4. Please note that when adding your phone number, Google will verify your business by calling that number and providing a PIN number for verification. It is advisable not to use a cell phone or a number that rings to a switchboard.
  5. To fully optimize your listing, add descriptive keywords to the “Description” field and select appropriate categories where your business will be listed. If applicable, also list your operating hours and method of payment. This will make your listing appear complete and give customers the information they are looking for.
  6. Adding Photos. Add photos of business location. Upload the logo as the profile picture last.
  7. Adding Videos. If you have company videos on YouTube, you can attach them to your business profile. Be careful that the YouTube account contains only company videos.
  8. Additional Details. Include these if possible. This will include more powerful keywords that will be associated with your page.
  9. Verify your business listing. You can verify your listing by phone or by postcard. Phone is optimal as the postcard is often lost in the mail and takes a long time. Google will call the phone number on the listing and provide a PIN number to enter for verification purposes. The process should take less than 5 minutes.
  10. That’s it, you’re done!  First step to Local SEO is under your belt.


If you need more help with getting your places page on the first page of Google Searches for your keywords, contact contact Local Mobile Marketing Network or another Local SEO expert.