Health 2.0, Healthcare Conference Ocotber 7th, San Francisco

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Every year the Health 2.0  Healthcare Conference has taken place. The conference attempts to bring a fresh approach to the health care system. Health professionals are able to see the latest in innovative health technology first hand and participate in intense discussions. The conference has had success in Paris, India, and Berlin. Since 2007, the Health 2.0 Conference has helped professionals and individuals understand the current advances in the medical field.

Health 2.0 will take place Sunday, October 7th, 2012 at the 6th Annual Fall Conference in San Francisco. The health expo will feature displays and interactive demonstrations of the latest technologies on the market. The expo will also include Body 2.0, a public event that promotes the latest fitness, nutrition and disease management tools. The hands-on event has invited the top health experts to create a variety of exhibits that cover topics such as mobile fitness apps, trendy yoga clothing, and top of the line multivitamins.

One of the key focuses of Health 2.0 is change. The health market is constantly changing as new technology is developed to improve how people work, exercise, and eat. These changes impact how patients interact with their care givers and how the live their everyday lives. With that in mind, Health 2.0 is targeted to health care professionals as well as anyone wanting to better their health.

Body 2.0 is specifically targeted to everyday people who want to enrich their lives. The expo will take place right at the start of Health Innovation week in Terra Gallery, San Francisco. Body 2.0 will offer five hours of yoga, delicious healthy food, and live music, along with several speakers and discussion panels.

This year’s heatlthcare conference incuding Body 2.0 has several keynote speakers booked for the event including Dr. Alan Greene and Linda Fog-Phillips. Expert health topics will range from inspiring health changes and how to use technology to gain better health. Exhibits will include the MyBreath app, Gain Fitness apps, Hyde Yoga, Nutrivise, Nom Nom, and SmartyPants Vitamins, among several others. The showcase is designed to help anyone redefine their health and use technology advances to their benefit.