Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini and Joe Flower to Speak at Health 2.0 Conference

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On Monday, October 8th at 8:20am, Aetna President, Chairman, and CEO Mark Bertolini and Health Futurist and author if his new book: Health Care Beyond Reform: doint it Right for Half the Cost Joe Flower will bring a number of enlightening ideas about the future of health care to stage. Both speakers share a dedication to the improvement of our nation’s health care system, and will present creative new ideas and advancements that will surely impact the industry.

Mark Bertolini
Mark Bertolini joined Aetna in 2003, and was in charge of the company’s Specialty Products. He became Chief Executive Officer on November 29th, 2010. He is described as being an innovative and action oriented leader, Bertolini is actively involved in current health reform discussions. His focus is to advocate movements which enhance health care, making it easier to access, more affordable, and of a higher quality.

Mr Bertolini is a seasoned professional in the world of health care and reform. He previously held executive positions at both Cigna and NYLCare Health Plans, and was President and Chief Executive Officer for SelectCare, Inc., before joining Aetna’s team.

With a strong focus on improving communication between health care providers and insurance companies, Bertolini claims that an improved relationship will greatly reduce health care costs across the board. Bertolini Is a strong supporter of technology, and advises that the use of advanced technology in communication could significantly improve the health care industry.

In Bertolini’s presentation, the audience will be presented with the introduction of the CarePass Consumer Platform. In addition, Mr. Bertolini will disclose the results of the Medication Reminder Developer Challange and the Aetna CarePass Platform. He will also discuss Aetna’s leadership role in the transformation from “insurance company” to “health tech services company”.

Joe Flower
As a founder of the International Health Futures Network, and author of hundreds of articles pertaining to the future of health care, Joe Flower is an expert in the field. He has spoken at a number of conferences, presenting his innovative ideas for changes and improvements to out nation’s health care system.

Flower spent more than twenty years writing columns and editing for the Health Care Forum Journal,which later became the Health Forum of the American Hospital Association. He authors a regular column in the AHA’s Hospitals and Health Newtorks daily and is a columnist for a number of health care web sites that feature inspiring steps toward a better health care system.

Over the years, Joe Flower has spread his ideas and knowledge throughout the world. He has been a consultant for various governments in China, the United States Department of Defense, and Airbus. He has discussed the future of health care with a number of high profile agencies as well, including the World Health Organization and the Global Business Network.

At the Health 2.0 Conference, sponsered by Aetna, Flower will speak about his ideas and possible solutions that will cut the cost of health care in half. His intriguing ideas for change will be sure to enlighten the audience.