Vancouver Mortgage Broker – Miruna Alexandru Analyses the Vancouver real estate Market in September

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( — October 8, 2012) Vancouver, BC — Miruna Alexandru Vancouver Mortgage Broker now makes it easy for customers to invest in the Vancouver Real Estate market. She evaluates the trends of the September 2012 mortgage market to help people mitigate risks and learn the undermining facts.

The real estate mortgage market in almost every country remains volatile. Investors should be aware of the vicissitudes to deal in this market carefully. Miruna Alexandru, a mortgage broker in Vancouver now informs customers as of September 2012, mortgage market trends by analyzing it in brief. She describes prototypical facts about the market such as the risk factors associated with the market, how customers should apply for mortgage loans, about the difference in lending institutions, etc. Her focus is to describe different aspects of the current market so that customers can understand everything in depth.

Miruna met with numerous media personalities in the Greater Vancouver area to announce what important issues were analyzed to draw the conclusion about the mortgage market. She says, “I have researched on the Vancouver mortgage and real estate markets and come to the conclusion that mortgage refinancing is also a lot tougher now and customers must be informed accordingly of what to expect and how to weigh out the possibilities of coming out of the refinance with a surplus. Incorporating debt consolidation into any refinance is key. First time buyer mortgage products are also greatly affected by the new governing mortgage regulations. All signs point to increase of difficulty in obtaining a mortgage loan in Vancouver, Canada. In my analysis, I will also share how clients should apply for these loans so we can get approved easier and much earlier.”

Vancouver mortgage broker Miruna Alexandru reported that investing in the Vancouver real estate market may not be beneficial this fall because it is expected to experience a further drop in sales. She also suggested that new residents in Vancouver should not opt for this market because a certain number of the homes will remain unsold this season.

Miruna Alexandru, the Vancouver mortgage specialist also added a few words -, “There is a chance that condo prices will go down for this last quarter, and it will affect the demand rate, to some extent. Thus, customers should think twice before taking the risk of investing in the market at this time.”

Mr. BCD, a customer of the brokerage company commented on the service saying,
“Several companies offer mortgage services, but I trust Alexandru’s ability to analyze the market trends perfectly. I am sure I will benefit by saving time as well by following her analysis.”

Alexandru also suggested that new residents could apply online to get mortgage loans faster. They also must keep all documents safely while applying for the loan.

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