Photo of author – December 9, 2012 – Tampa, FL – Excel Building Services has eagerly volunteered its cleaning services to charitable organizations like Everyday Blessing to wax and polish their communal eating facilities that are also used for meeting programs, and day to day events.  These facilities are so important to the running of a foster facility where the space is a multi use, non stop purpose for such a charity. Kids, traffic, and general purpose use require a serious cleaning  and janitorial company that can do a professional and long lasting job.  Excel strips down the pre-existing wax on the tile and re-applies a new wax and coat of polish that transforms the sheen and tile to an incredible look and feel that simulates a brand new installation. 

Floor cleaning is not only cleaning a floor, but it requires floor board cleaning along the protective strips that border the floor to each wall where there is much accumulation of dirty and grime that works its way there over time.  The waxing process then can either be superficially applied to cover what was there before, or properly and professionally done, a company would strip down all of the existing surfaces on each tile and scrape with an abrasive device machine that is needed to remove the old wax coating.  This becomes somewhat porous over time where moisture and dirt seeps into the tile floor and can only come out as a result of a penetrating scraping function. 

A foster care facility where there is a lot of traffic with kids accumulates much dirt and is also required to be clean and sanitary. A long lasting solution is definitely the solution of choice if a regular commercial cleaning expenditure is not an option.  Excel prides itself in caring for this much needed charity in helping to make the facility pristine.  Their benefit comes from the feeling of pride and honor in giving back to a Tampa based charitable organization that is doing such noble work for a community of kids that few people realize exist.  There is much more to Excel’s promises of professional commercial cleaning than just a profit.  Excel sees its role in the Tampa community as an important leader in setting examples for others who are situated in their local communities and earn a nice living off of that community.  This effort on the charitable front only underscores the importance of recognizing the full circle of a community’s sustenance.    Analogous to the food chain where every member provides a living and existence purpose, such is the case where community charities offer the services that complete our needs. 

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