8-Year Old Boy Publishes #1 Bestseller In a Week

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Children’s Ebooks have become an inviting target for professional and amateur authors alike, with the market having grown 475% in 2012. Numbers that large seem too good to be true, but when eight-year old child Joe Boyer can write a book (with some help from his father) and have it become a #1 bestseller on Amazon’s Kindle, it is a sign that anyone who has ever wanted to write a children’s book has found the best time there can ever be to do so. For anyone who dreams of being a published author, Joe’s dad Jay is ready to share some amazing information through his free online training seminar, or “webinar”, “Write and Publish a Children’s Book in 7 Days”.

The webinar, which describes an authoritative children’s book publishing system, has already coached thousands of amateurs into Amazon authors. “I wrote my first book 5 minutes after watching the webinar,” customer Joshua Colbert states. “It took me two hours to complete.” Another customer, Patricia Sorenson, states “for anyone who shares a passionate desire to get into this market, do not hesitate to ‘go for it!’”

Ms. Sorenson’s advice is timely, considering that Jay’s methods required two years of research to compile and develop. As shown in the new free workshop however, it appears as though anyone can find success writing books kids will love in no time at all. Customer Kathy Porter claims, “anyone from a novice to an experienced techie can use the exact, step-by-step formula that they use to self-publish in this exciting, lucrative niche.”

Lucrative may be the key word in this case. Not only has the free class resulted in hundreds of books published to Amazon, those books have provided significant financial windfall for their authors. High school student Rachel Yu is selling her children’s ebooks at $.99 each, and yet is earning over $2500 every month in passive royalties as a result of her sales. In these times, a reliable and fulfilling source of passive income is truly a treasure, and access to self-publishing success is being given away right now.

Jay Boyer is himself a #1 bestselling author, as well as the co-founder of JJ Fast Publishing LLC. He and his partner, John Rhodes, will be hosting the webinar at 2:00 PM Thursday, January 10 2013. The coaching class is being offered free of charge to anyone who wants to have their publishing dreams come true: follow this link for more information: http://jjfast.com/cbf

J.J. Fast Publishing, LLC is dedicated to helping authors, experts, writers, consultants and entrepreneurs share their unique passions, make more money, and put a dent in the universe. The founders, John S. Rhodes and Jay Boyer, have created over 250 products, published over 120 books, and delivered more than 300 marketing, sales, education and training workshops.