New Chromosome Find in Red Fire Ant May Make a Difference for Pests Control Professionals in Phoenix

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( – January 18, 2013) Phoenix, AZ — The sting of a red ant is painful and annoying. Fire ants can be highly invasive and cause many pests problems for people living in warm climates. According to the Science Recorder, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, which is located about two hours away from Phoenix, says that six species of red fire ants are currently known in the country. Researches from the University of London believe that a social chromosome in the ants may be the way to new pest control solutions..

Someone who has gotten stung by a red ant will tell you how painful it is. When they are biting, they inject venom which causes painful pustules which might itch and stay on your skin for a long time. Sometimes, it may be required to seek medical treatment if these pustules do not appear to heal on their own. There are around fifty thousand people that have to go to the emergency room every year due to an insect bite. Allergic reactions are dangerous since they may cause anaphylaxis, a serious condition which may be life-threatening.

It is important for people to learn to identify the signs of an allergic reaction after being bitten by a red fire ant. Nausea and cramping in the abdomen, along with hives and difficulty breathing are good indicators that the bite has caused an allergic reaction and that it is time to get to a hospital. A very severe allergy can cause a sudden and noticeable drop in blood pressure and may cause the person to become unconscious or to suffer through cardiac arrest. Fortunately, there are some things everyone can do to defend themselves from these dangerous and aggressive pests. It is important to do some research on the pests before it is possible to get them under control.

There are two types of red fire ant colonies. While one type of colony has many queens, the other only has one. The social organization of fire ants is believed to be controlled by a chromosome that contains several hundred genes. The type of colony depends largely on which type of chromosome the worker fire ants may have. This find is likely to end up influencing the pest control industry by giving researches and developers a way to create new pest control strategies to protect people in their homes. If you have issues with pests in your home, let us know and we will help you:


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