Online Dog Food – The Answer To Dog Obesity In The UK

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( — 25, January, 2013) London, UK — The annual PDSA Animal Wellbeing meeting (PAW) reported in Aug 2012 that 1 in 3 Dogs in the UK are overweight or obese. Recent research agrees that food allergies in dogs are not now as serious a problem as the rise in obesity. The report outlines the real medical problems, arthritis and diabetes being the main causes of obesity, that now exist in overweight pets and that will ultimately lead to an unhappy and shortened life.

So why has this happened?

A dramatic rise in new Grain Free or Sensitive food, aimed at preventing food allergies, have recently been introduced by Pet Food Manufacturers competing to stay ahead of the competition in today’s current climate. Most dog owners are completely unaware that these new foods may contain more calories than the average dog food resulting in weight gain.

One UK online pet food company explains the reasons and offers real solutions.

Michele Mennell – Director of online retailer is the UK distributor for Aller Petfoods based in Denmark, stated,“Too often dog owners are advised to change to a Grain Free or Sensitive food to prevent potential food allergies, when in most instances it could be adding to the obesity crisis.”

Michele continued by saying “Ensuring your dog is fed a truly balanced food is key, especially when feeding puppies and senior dogs. For this vital stage in a pets life we only sell our Super Premium Range. However as a dog matures into adult life we can then, and only then, offer our other range of dog foods (excluding grain free or sensitive) suitable for all budgets, whilst maintaining your dogs ideal weight and diet”.

Mr Angus Turnbull says “The ability to buy all their dog food online and have it delivered is great, now the local pet shop has closed down.”

Danish pet food manufacturer Aller have been producing high quality dog foods since 1979, and have stayed loyal to their principles of a truly balanced dog food. Their creation of a subtle mix of quality proteins and grains will prevent your dog from feeling hungry, lethargic and unhappy, whilst maintaining their ideal weight.

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Media Contact: Michele Mennell – Organisation: All Petfood Ltd- Address: Driffield 0800 4561233


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