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( — 30, January, 2013) Minneapolis, MN — ExitStrategic, a Minneapolis-based ‘Exponential Growth Consultancy’ headed by Chief Strategist Maurice Gavin II claims to have unleashed the power of the age-old mathematical brain-teaser: “The Doubling Effect” to double revenues for any business despite current post-recessionary economic conditions.

Gavin, an exponential business growth consultant, with a background in business consulting that has included consulting and executive coaching engagements with companies including, but not limited to, Corning, Progressive Insurance, Monsanto, Merrill Lynch, SC Johnson and Procter and Gamble, claims to have stumbled upon the formula after an intense search for answers that would help clients respond to the uncertainties of crumbling markets during and after the Great Recession from 2008-2012.

Despite business efficiencies made common by great business minds like Peter Drucker and later Stephen Covey and David Allen, clients were rudderless and becoming conditioned to ‘wait-until-it-got better’ as things were getting worse,”says Gavin.  “As a big proponent of taking 100% personal responsibility for your work and life, it seemed counterintuitive to nod your head as someone was suggesting that, “waiting-it-out” might be the best and safest strategy available.

Despite the advances in internet speed, mobile connectivity and virtualized work processes, clients were and still are mired in the funk of economic bad news, global market uncertainty and geopolitical tensions.” “Yet without a clear-cut, business affirming model, it was difficult for us to point them in any other direction than to suggest that they still need to ‘take-the-uncertainty-by-the-horns’ and regain control of their careers and corporate destinies.

It was then that I re-discovered the answer while considering an old algebraic word problem which states, ‘if a person tells two people a rumor and those two do the same and each subsequent hearer does the same for a period of ten days, how many people hear the rumor?’”

When I looked at the answer, which is 1,023 people, it hit me that this was the breakthrough ingredient that would allow the committed to solve their topline revenue business challenges within a 12-month period.”

“If the business’ management team is willing to suspend disbelief and seriously apply their combined intelligence around triggering the Doubling Effect, our preliminary findings suggest that the Doubling Effect can be triggered within a 90-day period leveraging our 7-stage model.” “A corresponding social media strategy, which delivers a compelling, sales triggering message, can routinely spread via “1-tells-2” in seconds to millions.”

We are chronicling the model, the implementation strategy and our findings in our upcoming book: The Strategic Doubling Effect: The Power of Exponential Focus due on and in bookstores later this Spring 2013”, says Gavin.





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