Reveals New Video for Modified Burpee

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( — 25, January, 2013) Atlanta, GA — For those interested in losing weight, the Modified Burpee is something to add to the list of exercises. Never heard of it? Mike Whitfield includes this as part of his bodyweight training program. Whitfield is based in Atlanta GA and is an expert and trainer in bodyweight programs. He developed Bodyweight Torch and has released a video to show the unique Modified Burpee to help people understand the best way to do it. He also has plans to release more videos to show the right way to do all the exercises in his program to help improve fitness and prevent suffering from an injury.

The Modified Burpee is a great intensive exercise that replaces the longer cardio workouts that just get boring after a while. There is no need to buy memberships to the gym or use expensive equipment; everything in Bodyweight Torch can be followed at home and you will benefit more from just using yourself. The program is also fun to follow.

Whitfield explained that he wanted his readers to learn how to get the body of their dreams in their own home. He wanted something realistic and easier to follow. The Modified Burpee allows that, along with other challenging but fun exercises within the program. After a reader asked him to include a video tutorial, Whitfield decided that it was a great idea and went straight to work.

The Modified Burpee tackles a number of muscles at the same time and your heart rate will increase considerably. You are getting strengthening and cardio benefits at the same time.

“Many of my readers call the unique bodyweight exercises “bodyweight conditioning” and it certainly is. But they are a lot of fun.” Whitfield stated.

The Bodyweight Torch is a 4-week program and completely free to download. Find it here at

About: Mike Whitfield is a boot camp workouts and bodyweight exercises expert.  He recently released the free workout program BodyweightTorch to celebrate his 3 year anniversary of losing 105 pounds.  Recently he also released bodyweight exercise videos on the pushup and alternating lunge jump.