Love My Pets GPS Upgrades Pet Protection

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( — January 28, 2013)  Los Angeles, CA — It is important to carefully consider what the likely situations are that the dog faces in everyday life, to determine the GPS collar needs. In making a decision of deciding in favor of a GPS dog collar, make the decision based on the dog’s needs. It is possible to get confused by the myriad of choices that the market has to offer and make a wrong choice.

In sophisticated Pet GPS devices the location of the dog can be tracked frequently. This allows the pet owner to see the current location of the dog. Most devices even provide dog’s current status. Some high-sensitivity GPS collars can track a dog’s location and position even in a very dense cover. Not all Pet GPS devices have the ability to track pets within buildings or dense coverage.

Here Are Some Of The Factors That Need To Be Considered Before Making The Purchase:

1)Accuracy and Dependability: It is essential that a pet tracking device gives accurate locations of the dog. For domestic use approximate accuracy may be enough.

2)Protection: Love My Pets GPS provides a glow in the dark reflective dog collar to provide additional protection for pets. Such collars make the dog visible to drivers and others in an effort to prevent it from being injured.

3)Battery life: Such GPS pet locator systems are powered by electricity. So the battery life is important. The device will need to use the batteries to provide location of pets.  Some units use far more battery power and therefore cause additional problems in constantly replacing batteries.  The GPS unit uses rechargeable batteries lasting an industry leading 21 days in on demand mode between recharges with the provided charger.

4)Water protection: A GPS dog collar may or may not be waterproof. The importance again is dependent upon ones needs. If the pet frequently goes on expeditions, chances are that the GPS device will need additional protection.  Love My Pets GPS provides dog collars and GPS devices which are both water resistant.  

5)Weight: It is essential to consider the weight of the GPS dog collar before making the purchase as the dog will have to wear it around its neck.  The LovemypetsGPS reflective GPS pet collar or harness was designed with the pets comfort in mind weighing only 2.65 ounces, featuring polyester webbing to maintain consistent fit and acetal hardware keeping the product light and strong with welded D-ring adding strength to the leash clip. profides Pet Safety GPS Dog Collars proactively pinpoints a pet’s location with the use of state-of-the-art GPS technology including an online service, allowing one to locate the pet via the website and map instantly. Apart from this, the glow-in-the-dark and reflective elements of the collar will enhance the pets overall safety after the sun sets and darkness sets in. Even inside a home at night, tripping or falling over a pet will be reduced due to the glow-in-the-dark properties of the collars and harnesses, making the pet more visible. The Love My Pets GPS pet safety collar can indicate the pet’s position on a GPS map as well as track the direction the pet is moving, and provide additional protection in the Glow in the dark reflective elements of the collar.

ALL Love My Pets GPS safety products including the glow dog collar are made from only the highest quality materials on the market. The products special fluorescent material is bonded to polyester and requires absolutely no charging or batteries whatsoever and glows for 12 hours plus! These products are perfect for stay at home pets, service dogs that assist the blind or elderly and of course special forces K9’s that work in police or military establishments. is a website that offers an online shop for all pet tracking needs. Some of the best deals on pet safety products are available here.  Visit us online or Call 888-588-7738.