ExitStrategic Triggers ‘The Doubling Effect’ for Idea Workshop

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(Newswire.net — 5, February, 2013) Minneapolis, MN — ExitStrategic, a Minneapolis-based ‘Exponential Growth Consultancy’ headed by Chief Strategist Maurice Gavin II has successfully triggered “The Doubling Effect” for Idea Workshop’s National Promotional Products Brand Extension Campaign.

We have been working with Maurice for 6 months retooling our brand identity and our new implementation process ‘IW Brand Extension’ and we just saw the largest direct response to our Las Vegas PPAI convention presentation that we have in our history in the industry”, says Bob Horwitz of Idea Workshop.  “After 17 years of working with brands in the channel, we believe we have finally distilled a model and process that will allow us to routinely generate a new source of 7-figure revenue for any brand we take under our umbrella”, said Horwitz.

“Our new four stage model has received very positive reviews from our existing customer base, and has already resulted in our triggering “The Doubling Effect” for our new Brand Extension (BE) segment.”

Further with the implementation of ExitStrategic’s lead generation and client sourcing model we are completing a multi-year commitment with Wild Things Gear, which we are thrilled about”.  “In fact, they too experienced this “Doubling Effect” as we exposed their brand to over 11,000 resellers who until last week had never heard of the top name in extreme mountain climbing and special ops climate neutralizing outdoor wear”, said Horwitz.

“ExitStrategic’s 7-step process has allowed us to condense the effect we would typically have on a brand’s in-channel revenues into a 12 to 18 month process versus a typical 36 to 60 month process in the past.”  

We are now rolling out our ExitStrategic crafted Brand Extension Model and Process to our clients who include: Brooks Brothers, Columbia, Inky & Bozko, Kipling, Lacoste, Nat Nast and Sweet Street Desserts.”

We are excited to see where this process takes Idea Workshop and their clients over the next year”, said Gavin.

We are already on track to double revenues in our Brand Extension portion of our company which was ExitStrategic’sfirst area of involvement.

Idea Workshop’s newly minted 4-stage Brand Extension model is distillation of 20-years of successful brand optimization for: Nike, Tommy Bahama, Columbia, Nat Nast, Brooks Brothers, Bill Blass, Lacoste, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Idea Workshop is a Minneapolis-based brand extension company offering creative services to extend a brand’s reach and market share.  We define a unique brand extending strategy that is then optimized through our clients’ existing channels or extending their reach into new channels where they can increase brand leverage and equity. 

ExitStrategic is a Minneapolis-based boutique “Exponential Growth Consultancy” focused on delivery The Doubling Effect™ and its 7-stage Exponential Growth Model to innovation-minded clients from Montreal to Buenos Aires.







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