Brake Specials for Avondale AZ & Goodyear AZ Residents Offered By Auto Repair Shop Using New Facebook App

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( — February 5, 2013) Avondale, AZ — Due to the economy having such a great impact on people’s finances, most people are struggling to keep their cars in top shape.  They know they need to take care of their car now, as procrastinating will only create a worse problem and a more costly solution.

A perfect example of this is brake repair.  Everyone knows that if you don’t replace your brake pads in a timely manner, you will end up paying for new replacement brake parts like rotors and drums.  That is why many consumers are actively seeking out brake specials in the Avondale AZ & Goodyear AZ areas, as well as across the US.  This is why Avondale Auto Service & Repair is offering Free brake inspections and a money-saving brake special on their Facebook Business page.

As a result of the economy, coupons are the latest rage and has evolved into daily deals sites like Groupon, Living Social, Google Offers, and Amazon Local becoming very popular with consumers.  However, small businesses would rather be able to make their coupons and distribute them to these same consumers without having to share their hard-earned profits with these deal sites.

That is why Avondale Auto Service and Repair decided to take matters into their own hands and found a way to offer a Free brake inspection and brake special on their Facebook Fanpage.  They did some research and discovered a company called Local Business Rockstar that offered a new, unique Facebook application designed to help local business owners offer their potential customers great deals and promote the business at the same time.

With all the new announcements made by Facebook in the last couple of months, most small business owners are scrambling to try to position their businesses in front of the trends and to capitalize upon it.  The development of the mobile Facebook app called “Nearby” and the new “Graph Search” has given small business entrepreneurs a new opportunity to acquire new customers based on the time-honored tradition of word of mouth advertising.

Owner Andy Doll was quoted as saying, “We always want to offer our customers the best value.. quality auto repair at the lowest cost possible.  But having to split your profits with deal sites makes it hard to pay your bills.  We wanted a cost-effective solution that would allow us to give our clients a great brake special, keep all the profits, and then ask our customers to help share our auto repair services with their friends.  When we discovered all the different ways that Local Business Rockstar’s app could benefit us, it was a no-brainer.”

The Facebook app allows a person to get a great brake special from Avondale Auto Service & Repair’s business page.  They just simply like their page and print off a coupon.  They bring it to the repair shop and the employee will re-deem the coupon using a relatively new technology.  The fun part?  Well, its better that people just go check out how it works by going to this brake special page!

For those car owners looking for brake specials in Avondale AZ, or brake specials in Goodyear, Arizona, they can check out the special deal that is currently being offered by Avondale Auto Service & Repair.

Avondale Auto Service & Repair has been offering full-service auto repair services in Avondale AZ and Goodyear AZ for over 30 years and has a A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

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Local Business Rockstar is a local internet marketing company that helps local business owners market online and get more customers.  Their motto is “We’ll Make YOU Famous!”  Inquires about their Facebook application can be made to:


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