Goodyear AZ City Council Election Candidate offering a Free Food & Drink Event

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( – January 30, 2013) Goodyear, AZ — The Goodyear City Council Election is fast approaching.  In this year’s election, there are 5 candidates competing to win only 3 spots. Two of the 5 candidates are incumbents who are relying on their existing reputation and history in order to win.  The other 3 candidates are new to this election and hope to elicit change and improve the City of Goodyear.

One of those candidates is Sharolyn Hohman.  As the current President of the Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce, Sharolyn has dedicated the last 25 years of her life to the cause of serving the business community, the City of Goodyear, and its citizens.  

Having been able to connect with local leaders such as Governor Jan Brewer, Jerrry Colangelo, Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord, Don Mellon, and Paul Faith, has allowed Sharolyn to gain a deep understanding of what Goodyear voters want.  Thus, Sharolyn has a unique and fresh perspective on the inner workings of the Goodyear landscape, having been able to get multiple perspectives on how the City of Goodyear can improve and prosper.

Endorsed by the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona, her campaign to win the Goodyear City Council Election is based on three major tenets:

  • Education
  • Economics
  • Transportation

The Committee to Elect Sharolyn To Goodyear Council will be hosting a free food and drink fundraising event on Thursday, Jan 31st at the Caballero Grill located at 1800 N Litchfield Rd, in Goodyear from 5-8pm in an effort to help educate Goodyear voters and citizens on these 3 issues and the unique strategies she plans to implement to improve the Goodyear community.  Her campaign motto is: “Listens. Communicates. Solves!” 

People are encouraged to RSVP via Facebook here:

Here is what one local Goodyear Voters said on Facebook about what they thought Sharolyn Hohman had to offer as a Goodyear City Council member:

Sharolyn Hohman

Reviewed by: Bonnie Mostere Lewis on 01-17-2013 

“Sharolyn Hohman has my vote!”
“Sharolyn is, by far, the most qualified candidate in the upcoming Goodyear City Council election! She would be a great asset to the council and the citizens alike!”
Rating: 5/5

This 2013 Goodyear City Council Election utilizes a mail-in ballot system.  With ballots starting to be sent out on Feb 12th, Sharolyn Hohman hopes to encourage citizens to learn more about the Goodyear community and to participate in the upcoming election.  Voters can send in their ballots up until March 12, 2013 at which point the Goodyear City Council primary election will conclude.

Sharolyn Hohman is an official candidate for the Goodyear City Council Election 2013. Donations are currently accepted online at

If you would like to support Sharolyn Hohman by placing a sign on your property, please let us know. Sharolyn Hohman can be reached by contacting The Committee to Elect Sharolyn To Goodyear Council at