Live Hail Causes Devastating Damage in Tornado Alley

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(—February 13, 2013) Minneapolis, MN – There is no doubt that the wreckage done by hail storms can be devastating and its destructive aftermath is clearly visible in the damage on property. It is essential that people understand how prone the area they live in is to hail. Staying updated with hail damage reports and statistics ensures their safety as well as minimizes damage and losses. Keeping up-to-date and prepared would also mean less expense on insurance costs or taxes to pay off damages.

It is reported that there are certain areas which are more prone to hail storms. These areas are referred to as the ‘Tornado Alley’. Statistics show that the United States suffers from around 12,000 storms per year. Some of them are mild whereas others can cause catastrophic damage. These hail storms can also cost individuals thousands of dollars in damages. Keeping up to date with certain statistics and information can help you avoid this and keep you safe.

During 2001, the city of Kansas ended up suffering from $2 billion worth of losses from a single storm. The problem here is that hail doesn’t only damage homes, but it destroys vehicles as well. Thousands of windscreens and vehicles are completely damaged per year and the cost of repairing them can exceed $2 million.

When it comes to homes, owners find it difficult to avoid losses even if they are completely prepared. What make things even worse is that most insurance companies will only cover half of the losses and this means that the owner will still have to compensate for loss and damage from their own pocket. The National Bureau of Insurance crime predicted a 136% increase in the damages resulted from live hail between 2007 and 2010.

Experts agree that staying updated with a good hail track software is extremely important not only for a person’s assets, but also for their own safety and their family. Live hail damage reports show that several people get seriously hurt during these storms and in some rare cases, death occurs as well.