New Bodyweight Torch Video Explains the Plank Exercise

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( — February 14, 2013) Atlanta, GA — Flabby bellies and stomach fat is the number one problem for the majority of people wanting to slim down. The stomach is always the first place to see the weight gain and the last place to see it leave. Companies are jumping onto this with the development of gadgets that “help” to lose the weight but bodyweight expert and enthusiast, Mike Whitfield, disagrees and states the best option is to include effective plank workouts into your exercise regimen. Whitfield has now released a video to show how to make the most of this ab workout and how to do it to avoid injury. Whitfield states that planks are more effective than doing crunches and sit-ups every day.

Plank exercises are often underrated by people trying to tone their stomachs but Whitfield states that they should be included in all bodyweight programs. It is important to brace the abs, as if protecting the stomach from being punched, to make the most out of the exercise. “Most people just lie on the floor on their elbows thinking this ab exercise is easy, but forget to brace their abs really hard”.

There are different versions of this exercise but it is important to master the simple version first, which is something Whitfield’s new video will help do. The plank will also improve the core stability, which makes other workouts easier. Whitfield’s program, Bodyweight Torch, offers various types of plank exercises and it is important to do them perfectly to avoid any injury and gain all the benefits possible.

“I’ve been getting great feedback on my exercise demonstrations and I plan to release more, especially those found in the new program Bodyweight Torch.” The program is challenging but fun at the same time and helps to develop strong abs and core.

Bodyweight Torch is Whitfield’s new program and offers many ab exercises, including the plank. You can download the four-week program for free for a limited time from

About: Mike Whitfield is a boot camp workouts and bodyweight exercises expert.  He recently released the free workout program BodyweightTorch to celebrate his 3 year anniversary of losing 105 pounds with bodyweight exercises.  Recently he also released a bodyweight exercise video demonstrating the stability ball plank.