New Blackberry 10 Lacks Street Credibility, Needs Reputation Marketing.

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( — FEBRUARY 1, 2013) Philadelphia, PA — New Blackberry 10 Lacks Street Credibility, It Needs Reputation Marketing

Blackberry launches its new line of smart phones and should look to reputation marketing to regain its lost credibility as a contender in the marketplace. Having lost its reputation as a dominant brand in the smart phone community, Blackberry’s newest lineup, the Blackberry 10, is designed to compete with the iPhone 5 and other high-end Android devices. To do so, Blackberry will have to focus its reputation marketing on a generation of sophisticated smart phone users who have grown accustomed to their android and Apple systems.

While it might be true that Blackberry was once “the” phone to buy, it’s street credibility declined with the wide availability of the Android systems and the many applications that can readily be downloaded. This is also true for Apple’s iPhone 5, the benchmark for which all smart phones are judged.  Blackberry needed hit this one out of the park; a lot of resources went into the production of the Z10 line. The early reactions however, are quite varied for troubled smart phone company.

Dan Shey an analyst at ABI Research said “They still have work ahead of them and that is to get their existing customers as well as Android, Apple and Windows customers to give BlackBerry a second look,”

Although it is true that Blackberry has upgraded their OS, shey added “it’s a pretty sexy device” and “BlackBerry has now checked the boxes, they are a one-stop shop to address all the enterprise issues, so they are in a good position to win back customers,”

Russ Royal, the owner of Best 5 Star Reputation agrees: “Blackberry may be in a good position to win back it market share as long as the new Z10 line offers its owners a browsing experience that is at least comparable with the competition and given it’s ability to use more than one application at the same time, it’s owners will be happy. The question remains however, did Blackberry wait too long? Has their reputation declined so much, that they have reached the point of no return with the general public. In short have they lost the public trust?”

 Gerry Purdy, analyst at Mobiletrax, said BlackBerry’s first task was to stop losing big corporate and government customers.

 Winning back customers will not come easily. In a quick poll in the Philadelphia area, smart phone users were asked if they would trade their iPhones for the newest Blackberry? Responses varied and they represent the feelings of many:

“Never for a Blackberry” said Joe Di’Capra 

“I might, if the price was right and it proved more functional than my iPhone.  

And then, there is Alex Smith Jenkintown, PA: “I love my HTC, Blackberry is a dinosaur, who still uses a Blackberry. They don’t have any street credibility.”

Brian Blair, an analyst at Wedge Partners in New York, said in a televised interview on “Bloomberg West.”

“They are going to look at it, and if it is better, people will purchase it,” he said. “I do not think that is going to be the case for this device.”

The truth is that occasionally, better does not always win out. The success or failure of this new line may very well depend upon the word on the street, street credibility. Clearly, Blackberry has some work to do to rebuild its lost consumer trust. It would do well to institute an advertising campaign focusing its attention on reputation marketing.  The success or failure of Blackberry may very well come down to the social media chat rooms, its customer reviews and all of the other media that successful businesses use to successfully manage their reputations when they have found they have lost street credibility. Just as Blackberry has! After all, is there any better marketing than your reputation? Lets see what kind of reputation the Blackberry 10 develops.