Bodyweight Torch Reveals Spiderman Pushup Plank Bodyweight Exercise Video

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( — 6, February, 2013) Atlanta, GA — The “love handles” are a concern for many, along with the whole waistline. These areas seem to be the hardest to work off and many companies release workout programs and gadgets promising results. The majority of those never deliver on those promises and Mike Whitfield, a bodyweight expert and trainer from Atlanta GA explains why.

Doing sit-ups, crunches and similar exercises cause more issues for the neck and back and they’re boring. It is important to change the workout and introduce fun and challenging workouts like the spiderman climb, the plank and the mountain climbers. These work the core better than the more common workouts. Whitfield has experimented with many exercises and has developed an excellent bodyweight exercise called the Spiderman Pushup Plank.

“It was so effective on myself and my clients, that I decided to release a video demonstrating this effective bodyweight ab exercise.” Whitfield explained.

There is no need to buy any equipment to carry out the exercise but it is advanced. Whitfield encourages his readers to learn the basic plank before attempting this one and any other advanced ab workout on his new Bodyweight Torch program. His abs were sore after experimenting with this exercise and his core is very strong.

“I’ve since then have released this unique bodyweight ab exercise in many programs including the brand new Bodyweight Torch program” Whitfield continued. Bodyweight Torch is a four-week program and uses metabolic conditioning, resistance training and finishers to improve the body without the need of any specialist equipment. The training is fun while challenging and can be performed anywhere, including at home.

The new video of the Spiderman Pushup Plank goes through the steps to carry out the workout correctly. He has noticed that his readers love the videos and he wants to release more to help create circuits and a workout that is useful and enjoyable.

You can get the Bodyweight Torch program, which the Spiderman Pushup Plank is part of, for free. There are many different ab exercises that are challenging to try. Download today at

About: Mike Whitfield is a boot camp workouts and bodyweight exercises expert.  He recently released the free workout program BodyweightTorch to celebrate his 3 year anniversary of losing 105 pounds with bodyweight exercises.  Recently he also released a bodyweight exercise video demonstrating the side plank and stability ball pushup.