New Biceps Workout Adds 1 Inch to Arms in 1 Week

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( — 6, February, 2013) St. Petersburg, Fl — No matter how many workouts you do, it can seem like your biceps just won’t improve.’s Ryan Magin has now found an arm workout that will help. With his workout, it is possible to gain an inch in just one week. 

Ryan struggled, like many, to build his biceps no matter how much training he did. Because of that, he decide to try a program that was completely experimental but based on his own research. The Arm Experiment was shortly created that offers a three day a week program that will build the biceps and give the look you are after.

This three day a week biceps workout program is completed in three stages during the week. The first is the rhythm day, which focuses purely on the brachialis muscle in the bicep. The second is the heavy form day, which helps with stimulating the motor units considerably and the third is the controlled tempo day and was created after following Charles Poliquin, the strength coach, and Branch Warren, the IFBB Pro Bodybuilder.

Ryan recommends that those who follow this workout do nothing else during the week. “Your arms will be sore,” he stated, “Anymore than these 3 arm workouts and your nervous system will be taxed to the point of overtraining.”

His program The Arm Experiment is not just about doing the exercises. Ryan also takes supplements to help him with his recovery period and to make sure he gains the right nutrients, which are important to help with building the biceps.

Ryan is giving the biceps workout away free for a limited time at