Beachwood Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa Now Offers Fractora Firm

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( – February 12, 2013) Beachwood, OH — Beachwood Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa, a leading medical company based in Ohio, headed by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Steven Goldman, now offers Fractora Firm. Fractora Firm is a non-surgical face-lift treatment without pain or downtime. The mission of the said company is to help both men and women customers to achieve their skin care goals without going through painful and harsh surgical procedures.

Fractora Firm entails heating the skin’s sub dermal layers to promote skin and collagen tightening, that is why it is also referred to as a thermal rejuvenation treatment. It comes available with built-in safeguards that enable accurate thermal temperatures for skin contraction without any overheating risks.

The treatment also has several benefits. It delivers enhancements in the widest range of skin aging symptoms, which include redness, blood vessels, pigment irregularities, texture, deep lines and fine lines with the use of two to four different technologies. With the use of Fractora Firm’s ACE technology, the areas of concerns of thermal-based skin tightening technologies are addressed. It also has a thermal monitoring technology, which eliminates adverse reactions such as overheating.

Experts also claim that the said skin treatment is versatile, as it can be utilized on all facial areas such as face, jowls and neck.  This is one of the factors that paved the way for its instant popularity shortly after it was launched in the market.

Recently, it has been featured in the Dr. Oz Show and got compliments from viewers.  Oz touted it as a beauty bargain, as it only costs around $300, which is more affordable than other face lifts available in the market today. However, this cost varies from one state to another.

Being the first and only company in the state of Ohio to offer the said thermal skin rejuvenation treatment, Goldman together with his team of surgeons are confident that their customer base will continuously increase in the next coming years.

Goldman has a nationwide popularity for his advanced and safe surgical techniques and excellent credentials.  He is also the only plastic surgeon in the Cleveland area that has a credentialed and approved in-office operating suite, which is regularly inspected by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities.

With the Fractora Firm offered by Beachwood Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa, it is expected to have a surge of satisfied clients in the next coming weeks. The company also promises to continuously offer the latest surgical treatments.  

For more information about the Fractora Firm offered by Beachwood Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa, visit its office location or its website. Interested individuals can also call its office phone as well. 





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