Book for 1st Graders Available for Free on Amazon

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( — February 14, 2013) Houston, TX, –Brenda Trott, M.Ed. has re-released the book Class Pet with a new cover. “The new cover just features the aged illustrations more appropriately than the previous one,” says Trott. Trott used a combination of turn of the century illustrations in the book Class Pet. The new cover features one of those illustrations and has an aged background and is being offered for free today on

  “It is a bit of a true story,” admits Trott, who has written half a dozen books for parents and small business owners.  In this one of a kind picture book, Janie is in first grade and supposed to be writing in her journal. Her desire to get a puppy at home creates a problem at school when she starts crawling around on the floor and lapping water from the water fountain.

Trott says she wrote the book out of necessity when she was a 1st grade teacher.  “I actually had a student who spent 3 days pretending to be a dog.  I didn’t know how to end the story when I originally wrote it, but the real Janie came up with a solution of her own.”

Trott didn’t use the ending provided by her student, but she will never forget the young lady who inspired this story. If she were still in touch she’d like to know if she ever got that puppy.

Perfect as a read-aloud children’s book by age 5-8, Class Pet is a modern story illustrated with turn of the century drawings. Unsure if children would take to the less than modern illustrations, Trott tested it on a group of Kindergarteners.  “They ooo’d and ahh’d and absolutely loved it!”

“I thought Valentine’s  day would be the perfect promotional day for this book.  If the real Janie see’s it I hope she would approve.”  You can download a free copy of the read aloud book for kids at Amazon.  Amazon e-books, or Kindle books can be read on a Kindle or on any smart phone using the Amazon Kindle App.

Brenda Trott, M.Ed is an educator, parenting mentor and author residing in Houston, TX.