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( – February 18, 2013) Stockton, CA — Best Selling authors Kevin Buckman, M.D., and Chris Ryan have published new book on the Kindle Publishing Network.  Cancer Patient User Manual hit the best seller list within 24 of publication. The book is written as a guide to using the free website, a website created as a cancer social network, by people who have firsthand experience with cancer.  

In-order to help alleviate the emotional strain of a cancer diagnosis, has leveraged the MAP toolset created by Viratech, Inc. (OTC: VIRA) and created the Cancer Mission Adaptive Plan, or Cancer MAP. The Cancer MAP is a 15-step program guiding the patient through all the necessary tasks to best achieve a full recovery.   With early detection, and’s help, use of the Viratech’s open source research platform, it is Viratech’s goal to help increase the survival rate to over 90% in 5 years with early detection and new complimentary ways to prevent and treat cancer. 

“We can lower the incidence of morbidity—regardless of treatment— by raising the quality of life of the cancer” states Dr. Kevin Buckman, CEO of Viratech.    Buckman continues “Through this unique approach, friends and family can move from a state of being helpless to one that is helpful, and cancer patients are empowered to fight their disease not from a state that is hopeless, but rather one that is hopeful. They can create their own customized strategy to fight their own cancer, based on their own values, beliefs, and resources”.

This valuable resource can be downloaded free of charge for the next 48 hours by visiting .  The book can be read on any number of devices including Kindle readers, iPads, most smart phones, and even your personal computer.

Buckman and Ryan have also collaborated on Find & Stop Breast Cancer, another Kindle best seller.  In celebration of the release of their new book, they have decided to also offer the breast cancer specific volume free of charge for the next 48 hours.  This book can be found by clicking on this link or going directly to

About Viratech Corp.

Based in Stockton, California, Viratech Corp. has created an open source biotech research and development platform. Viratech has created a unique platform leveraging the utility of social collaboration, which will allow biotech cancer research the opportunity for the first time to become open sourced. This is accomplished by allowing our development partners the ability to protect, promote and produce their research in unified online collaboration hubs known as micro social networks. Viratech’s open source platform has integrated several intellectual property tools which, by leveraging our social collaboration network, can give our development partners a new intellectual property mechanism, which will help in addressing the protection of Intellectual Property, promotion through collaboration in our protected open source platform, and commercial development of the products achieved through collaborative research.





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