Carpet Cleaning Company in Katy Texas Now Offers Green Cleaning

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( — February 21, 2013) Katy, TX– Upfront Home Services, serving Katy, Texas, is now offering green cleaning to Katy area homeowners.  This green cleaning service is not only safer for homes, it’s better for the environment.

Professional cleaning agents can be harmful.  And if the cleaning company isn’t mindful of the chemicals they are using, it could be harmful to their clients.  That’s exactly why Upfront Home Services has switched their cleaning agents to Green Balance.  Green balance is a new highly advanced surfactant that is readily biodegradable, close to neutral ph, contains no fragrances, and is non-toxic.

Bridgepoint, the company who manufactures this product, claims, ” This prespray uses advanced surfactant technology instead of solvents (e.g., alcohols, glycol ethers, terpenes) to rapidly dissolve tough oil-based soils. Unlike many other green cleaners, Green Balance utilizes a mildly alkaline formula that delivers significantly better cleaning than acid side cleaners.”

Many homeowners are naïve to the chemicals some cleaners bring into their home.  When hiring a cleaning company, it’s always important to ask what type of chemicals they use.  The cheapest chemicals are often the most harmful.  The cleaning companies that compete with competitors by the cheapest price often use the worst chemicals.

Joe Pais, owner of Upfront Home Services, said, “We recently added this line of cleaning agents as an option to help homeowners who are concerned about their home and the environment.  We always want to be mindful and safe about the way we clean.  It’s the responsible thing to do.”

Upfront Home Services serves the Katy, Texas and surrounding areas.  You can reach them by calling (832) 303-3546 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm or any time by visiting their website at