Colorado Springs Company Now Provides Emergency Water Restoration Services in Denver

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( — February 22, 2013) Colorado Springs, CO — Extreme Clean, a professional cleaning and restoration company in Colorado Springs, Colorado, now offers 24 hour emergency water restoration services to Colorado Springs and Denver area.

Experiencing water damage can be one of the most challenging problems a homeowner can face. There are actually different levels of water damage, ranging from clean water damage, dirty or contaminated water and the worst level of all is water damage involving sewage water. Regardless of which level you are encountering, water damage in general is a really tough predicament which you must address properly to get your home back to normal.

One important thing that some homeowners do not know is the importance of immediately dealing with moisture damage. It’s essential to quickly return the condition of your home back to normal.  Professional cleaners say there is a window in the first 24 to 48 hours from water damage wherein you must extract and dry the water in your home otherwise molds and mildew will begin to develop.

Water damage can occur without a notice. It can occur at all times of the day or night and it can put the homeowner in a tough situation. Professional water restoration companies have the skills and equipment to remediate the problem.

Not all cleaning companies offer water restoration services 24 hours a day. If you are living in Colorado Springs or the Denver, Colorado area, you can find a cleaning company that can help you out.

Extreme Clean Carpet & Upholstery Inc is an IICRC certified home cleaning company now providing emergency water restoration services to their clients in Colorado Springs and neighboring areas. Extreme Clean provides carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, and other home cleaning services for more than six years and they have extended their services to include emergency water restoration services in the Denver area.

You can find out more about Extreme Clean Carpet & Upholstery, Inc at   Find out more about their 24-hour emergency water restoration services along with the other cleaning services that they offer.  You can also call them at 719-592-0707