New Standard Poodle Calendar 2013 – 2014 Promotes Poodle Rescue

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( – February 23, 2013) Birmingham, AL —  When the folks at started the poodle site they had no idea how many people loved standard poodles .  Almost 15,000 fans on their Facebook page obviously love poodles, but it is estimated that 40% or more own standard poodles.  Because the fans were so engaged, the publisher just came out with what could be called a standard poodle calendar 2013 – 14 because many of the pages feature these large poodle dogs.

The 18 month calendar is designed to not only feature some of the fans best pictures but tell the stories of standard, toy and miniature poodle rescue which are as gut-wrenching as they are heart-warming.

“It’s the stories that worked on our hearts and helped us make the decision to publish this poodle calendar. One of the poodles was found left in a box in front of an abandoned house and another was left to die by the breeder after the mother would not feed it “ says the editor of .  “Our fans are big supporters of poodle rescue. We created the calendar as a way to give them something to enjoy while a portion of profits goes to help poodle rescue organizations.”

Though many people see poodles as ‘fancy’ dogs, the fact is there are number of reasons people choose them as family pets and their fans are so loyal.

For one thing, poodles are considered one of the smartest dog breeds .  That means they are easy to train and make one of the best dog show contestants competing in both beauty and agility trials.

They are also hyperallogenic dogs which makes them a better choice for allergy sufferers .

In addition, poodle dogs are athletic.  Originally raised by German hunters who called them ‘pudles’ they were used as retrievers, swimming out in lakes to capture birds for their masters. 

You can almost see the muscles in the big poodles, but don’t let those little guys like the toy or teacup poodle fool you.  They are just as athletic.  Competing in Agility is one way they can show off their athletic ability as they jump through hoops, run under and over obstacles competing in strength and speed.

Poodles are perfect for adoption too. 

There are organizations that specialize in miniature poodle rescue and standard poodle rescue .  The toy poodle rescue is often done by organizations that focus on small dogs in particular.

“Rescue poodles often have temperaments that are perfect for families who need a dog that will adapt after it’s been abandoned, lost or given up by their family . They are sweet, loyal, and people oriented.” said one poodle fan. 

The miniature, toy and standard poodle calendar 2013 – 14 is calendar is priced to be affordable and a portion of profits goes to help poodle rescue organizations.

It is available now at which lists two versions, electronic downloadable PDF file and a print version.  The downloadable can be viewed on a computer. 



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