Hedge Fund Trader X: Gold Crash 16% Decline in Stock Portfolios & Some Stocks to Follow

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(Newswire.net — February 25, 2013) Global — As gold continues its decline from its all time high, one leading hedge fund trader, Christopher Castroviejo, has issued a warning to investors about protecting themselves from the decline. This warning includes three scenarios, which an investor could plausibly choose to follow, and their drawbacks and benefits.

“There are three possible paths an investor can follow in this market. Only three! One is to stay the course and loose again.” says Christopher, “The second, is a little better put your money into the money market or a high interest savings account, and you’ll be even with inflation. Or third you can take control and learn how the market works and pile up huge profits while the bottom falls out of the market.”

Hedge Fund Trader X is an ex-Wall Street Insider warning investors that now is the time to make a 180 degree turn in your portfolio strategy. His warning, released on his website discussing the truth about a carefully hidden market time bomb which puts the entire economy at risk. The warning does have good news; investors can avoid the bomb by carefully picking their investments.

The methods contained within the warning include an understanding of how the market works, short selling, and how to profit in a down market. They are less risky than standard investing strategies and are used on a daily basis by large hedge funds and companies to insulate themselves from the market.

An Ex-Wall Street Insider, Hedge Fund Trader X is warning investors about the minefield in the current market, and how to avoid it. Year to date he has already earned a 177% return on his own portfolio by following these safe and effective market strategies to profit from the drop in Silver Prices. Dubbed Hedge Fund Trader X, due to his current management engagement for some of the world’s wealthiest individuals, Trader X is on a mission to help the public avoid what amounts to another fleecing by the market.


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