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( — February 27, 2013) Naples, Florida — Noble Harrison, PhD and Elizabeth Harrison, LCSW are co-creators of Brain Body Balance ™ brain up techniques.   They share a marriage and a private practice for the past 2 decades.   Fifteen years ago they became frustrated with the results of traditional talk therapy.  They quit and never returned. 

They set out in search of  a better way . . . fast, easy, lasting change without the expected wait or struggle.   They discovered, simplified and combined cutting edge energy techniques called  Brain Body Balance™

Brain Body Balance ™  BrainUp self  help techniques  change neural pathways, target and  delete the root cause cellular memory, establish communication between the brain and body, the right and left brain,  and the conscious and subconscious awareness.  Techniques that delete what stops you from your innate inner  peace, purpose and prosperity.  Releaseing the energy to heal, attract and create without a wait or struggle.

 Techniques so easy a child can do them.  When asked do they work on everyone, they always respond, “They work only on those who do them.”  It’s like exercise for the brain. When you change your brain, you change,  you change your life.

The results for the past 15 years have been more than they dreamed for their own lives as well as students of Brain Body Balance ™ 5 Step, 5 Technique System.  When you innate healing energy is set free, students report alleviation of a variety of symptoms including moods, eating disorders, phobias, post trauma, sexual abuse, digestion, blood sugar, heart, lungs, sight, hearing, addictions, cancer, goals, and more.

Noble and Elizabeth  are expanding beyond   teaching individuals, groups and workshops in  Europe and the U.S  to teach these simple life changing  techniques online.  Discover more at their website     Provide your email and they will notify you of their upcoming blog talk radio show, “Me, We, or Be!” as well as brain tweaks and techniques update, and their upcoming free webinar. 

Contact:         Elizabeth Harrison, LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker                                                                                                           Noble Harrison, Phd, Psychologist                                                                                                                Accord Psychological, Inc , Naples, Florida 34102, USA   239 649-1569

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