Brace Yourself It’s Your Most Valuable Asset

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(—February 28, 2013) Kissimmee, FL—Jaw alignment is indeed a big deal and can certainly be a jaw breaker.  With the proper jaw alignment comes so many other things that go right.  But how about those that are not so orthodontic blessed?  Well rest assured that help is available and on the way.  Orthognathic surgery or extensive jaw surgery, is a major overhaul of the major muscles of “mastication” the ones used to chew.  With these comes the essential bodily function of survival, eating.   Our digestive processes are dependent upon the process of breaking down foods in the digestive process and it all begins as food enters the mouth.

Our teeth and jaw movements that control the chewing and grinding of food are the first part of human digestion well before it enters the belly.  Without proper mastication, the digestive process never gets off to the right start. 

Othodontic medicine has studied and perfected the preventive maintenance of staving off extensive and painful surgery that can be costly as well as time consuming.  With braces and proper orthodontic care, sometimes, the jaw alignment problems can be caught early in adolescents and pre-adolescents as the mouth and jaw are still growing together. 

With such an important bodily function at risk, why would anyone leave its future to chance?  Digestion affects everything from weight control, to absorption of proper vitamins and nutrients.  The saliva and gastronomic acids that breakdown food particles does not even begin until the mastication process of food grinding is almost complete. 

Orthodontists and dental care experts know that brace wearing has become ever so important for long term benefits and over all health and well being.  Many adults are wearing invisalign or invisible braces while others are wearing bite plates that must be fitted and molded to one’s bite once the alignment is set.  This prevents grinding and jaw movement that occurs subconsciously in one’s sleep. 

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