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( — February 18, 2013)

Top 3 Tried-and-True SEO & Web Design Techniques

For many business owners, optimizing their web sites for search engines really means one thing: making Google happy.  After all, 80% of all Internet users turn to Google as their go-to search engine.  For just as many, however, making Google happy and keeping it happy are two entirely different — and sometimes very difficult — things.

Case in point: Interflora, the UK’s leading flower-delivery company, was recently dumped from Google’s search results for breaking one of Google’s policies.  Now, they no longer rank in organic search results — even for their own name. 

So how do you keep or improve your current ranking without angering the Google gods?  “Sometimes, it’s important to go back to the basic, tried and true methods,” according to Dan O. from NH-based web design company, Scribble Creative Group.  “When optimizing your web site for the search engines, it may be tempting to try ‘black hat’ methods that might get you to the top in the short term, but it’s the ‘SEO 101’ techniques that have proven to withstand Google’s algorithm changes,” he says.

#1 – Top-Notch Content – From the beginning, content has always been king.  As a quality search engine, Google’s main objective is to serve up the most relevant content to the end user.  Focus on more, quality content and your site will naturally rank higher.

#2 – Know Your Keywords (And Use Them Wisely!) – When it comes to keywords, it’s important to do your research.  What keywords and phrases would someone use to find your site?  How popular are those keywords?  Is there something less popular but more targeted to your product/service?  Once decided, use your keywords effectively.  More isn’t necessarily more.  Dedicate a page to 2 to 3 keywords and don’t overstuff.  Writing naturally is more important than jargon-filled copy.

#3 – Quality Incoming Links – The emphasis here is on quality links and that’s where Inferflora went wrong.  Incoming links can be from trustworthy, industry-related sources or they can be from unrelated sites that link back to yours for a price or for a link in exchange.  It takes time to build quality links but, the results are worth it.


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