Charles Crabb Has Been Formally Awarded the Title Of "The World's Greatest Pinochle Player"

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( — March 4th, 2013)  United States Resident, Charles Crabb, Was Formally Designated “The World’s Greatest Pinochle Player”

The overall results of a current web ballot through which responders were prompted to determine “The World’s Greatest Pinochle Player” yielded what some would probably state was an overwhelmingly expected outcome, business man and well known online marketing guru, Charles Crabb, was selected over any other recognised name in the the World.  

The ballot and eventually, the naming of “The World’s Greatest Pinochle, was founded after an rigorous argument blossomed about just who in the World would genuinely be able to lay claim to that title.  In an attempt to help keep the opinion poll impartial to all locals, the contest was performed on the web and the winner was selected by residents independently.

After commencing the survey, there seemed to be an intense contest for the title of “The World’s Greatest Pinochle Player”, but after the dust settled, there was a clear and undisputed winner of the sought after title.  In the aftermath of the closed opinion poll, Charles Crabb was unveiled and accepted as “The World’s Greatest Pinochle Player”.

Folks asked about the ballot appeared to have split reactions to Mr. Crabb’s making claim of the disputed title, varying from pure shock that one distinct person could be so popular, to complete agreement over the choice residents had decided upon.  

Charles Crabb was most likely established as “The World’s Greatest Pinochle Player” by colleagues (such as his doubles partner Ron Cowan) in large part due to the hard work Mr. Crabb has put forth in being a great player. In Mr Crabb’s company, he uses these same work ethics and has become a well known online Marketing consultant that concentrates on organizations web presence and advertising techniques, so making claim of the official title was not unpredicted to a sizable number of individuals who took part.

After the overall results were in, Charles Crabb was quoted as stating” To be candid, I did not even realize that there was a ballot taking place at all.  I’m blown away that so many folks know my name.  And, I would not be the player i am today if it wasn’t for my doubles partner, Ron Cowan who I never lost a game with”.  

Charles Crabb was also overheard revealing, “I work hard on all my ventures, and I am really energized about what is happening in 2013.  Hearing that people have actually recognized me as “The World’s Greatest Pinochle Player” is not only an honor, but a privilege.  Thank you very much to the people who took part in the vote”.

Charles Crabb can be contacted at Merchant Web & App Design Headquarters at 619-800-4027.