Internet Marketing for Business Owners Webinar Offers Help To Local Businesses

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( – March 4, 2013) Charlotte, NC —  On-line marketing for local business owners can be complex and confusing. Long gone are the simple days of just placing an ad in the yellow pages by business owners to get customers.

The Internet Marketing Informational Webinar program by Business Hub Connect features expert advice from proven internet marketers offering information that business owners can watch, listen to, and learn from, allowing them to immediately use for their businesses so that they can bring in new customers through internet marketing techniques and strategies that work in today’s local marketplace using the latest technologies.

If you are a current business owner, you are well aware of the need to constantly bring in new customers, how important it is to keep your current customers returning, and how smart it is to get your current customers to bring in referrals for you. Keeping up with the demands of customer generation marketing can be a daunting and confusing task. However being able to have a marketing system that can handle your marketing needs, and effectively deliver new customers while being able to keep your customers returning is not only possible, but is being done with success by many local business owners.  

If you are thinking of starting a new business, this internet marketing webinar series is also for you, and it will get your business started out on the right path to successful on-line marketing. We will teach you what you need to know in order to build a solid internet marketing foundation allowing you to be able to scale your business when you are ready by scaling your internet marketing campaigns to ramp up demand for your products and services.

We would like to invite you to our webinar training. Our webinar program training on internet marketing for business owners will be available for a limited time and you will need to make a reservation on-line in order to be able to attend.

Our current webinar pricing per reservation is $47.00, but if you use the special webinar promotion code of 295154, you will be able to attend at our webinar no charge by going to this link: and then putting in the special webinar promotion code of 295154.

The webinars do fill up quite early, so be sure and reserve your place today. Also, the time and date available to you depends on when you register. Webinars are limited.

We look forward to showing you the proven ways that internet marketing will help your business just as it is helping thousands of other businesses like yours.

Register for our internet marketing webinar for business owners today at and be sure and use your webinar promotion code 295194.

Media Contact: Chris Wellford