Hotel Füssen: Take a Holiday Trip to Allgau

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( — March 4, 2013) Bavaria, GE – Hotel Füssen is issuing a open invitation to travelers from around the world to come and visit the historic area of Fussen. Allagu has some of the most impressive examples of European castle architecture around today, the hotel Fussen offers the opportunity to explore them with just a five-minute drive.

“Many Fussen hotel are much further away from the castles than the Hotel Füssen,” says company spokesperson Frieder Hanauer, “Just five minutes away are the Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles. This is why we are among the most popular Fussen hotels, and why we are inviting the world to come and stay and enjoy the great Bavarian Scenery.”

Allgau, in Bavaria is known for its castles, and they surround historic Fussen. Within five minutes there is the famous Caslte Neuschwanstein and not too much further is Hohenschwangau. Castle tourism is a booming and increasingly popular business as the number of castles available to see declines with each passing year. The castles in the region are considered to be amongst the finest examples of continental European castle architecture.

The Hotel Sonne Fussen is among the finest hotels Fussen has to offer.

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