Building Inspectors in Wellington Take Time Out After A Grueling Week For a Good Cause

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( — March, Friday, 2013) Victoria St, Wellington, NZ

After a grueling week in the building inspection business in Wellington. The HABiT Franchise company in Wellington took time out to help sponsor the annual Professionals Child Cancer Foundation golf tournament at Te Marua Golf Course on Friday.

Every year The Professionals in Upper Hutt hold their annual fund raising event for the Child Cancer Foundation. It is a golf tournament that brings together local businesses and influential people around Wellington to help raise funds for children who suffer from cancer. It’s a popular event with some of the children who suffer from the disease and their parents turning up to tell stories about the effects on them and their family and friends.

The Cancer Foundation spends over $3 million every year directly supporting children and their families.

Matt Blundell from The HABiT Building inspections franchise in Wellington says ‘’It’s heartbreaking to know what really goes on behind closed doors and how truly stressful it is for the families. We love getting in behind this event and contributing in any way we can – just to help out! We’ve got a great relationship with the Professionals and we really enjoy this tournament, knowing it’s for a great cause.’’

Matt and two other inspectors, Paul Nixon and Jason Keeler from the HABiT, who sponsor the 13th hole of the tournament – took time out of their busy week to enjoy some of the good weather and fun put on in Wellington today.
He says ‘’We’ve had a grueling week this week completing 28 building inspections in Wellington in just four days. We’ve got 10 already booked up for next week and I know the phone’s going to ring off the hook on Monday after buyers have been busy looking at houses over the weekend. We’re normally booked out for the week by the time Tuesday rolls around. So it’s nice to end the week on relaxed note, knowing we’re not only helping buyers out, but children with disabilities as well.’’

With the ever increasing demand of building inspections The HABiT have just taken on a new inspector to cope with the steady bookings. The new Sale & Purchase Agreement has made a difference in just the awareness of how important it is to get a property inspection done before buying.

 Clause 9 of the Sale & Purchase agreement has a condition in the contract for property inspections and since the section is outlined on the first page, home buyers are how important it is in light of the recent leaky homes crisis. 

In 2009 PricewaterhouseCoopers estimated that between 22,000 and 89,000 homes were leaky and the total cost of fixing 42,000 homes was $11.3 billion.

The tournament organisers also hold an auction at the dinner to raise funds with items from local community charities, clubs and businesses.

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